How Many Days Per Week Should You Be Lifting?

April 9, 2024 -
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As a Personal Trainer for over 12 years, one of the questions I often get is “how many days per week should I be working out?”





















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The answer can vary based on an individuals schedule, time, injuries, etc. but there is a common structure that I believe in.

What I would looove to see my clients doing is picking up the weights 2-3 days per week! (1 is always better than none as well and I’ve had many clients make amazing progress on 1 day per week).

I recently just completed my Women’s Fitness Specialist Course and every single period of our lives as women the number one recommendation is RESISTANCE TRAINING.

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Why? Resistance training has so many benefits such as getting STRONG, improved muscle strength & size, help protect you from injury, weight management, improves heart health, can help manage blood sugar levels, & helps you remain independent as you age. (Just to name a few!).

All of these reasons & more are why we focus on progressing our strength exercises in all of our classes & group training classes at the studio.

What is Resistance Training? Basically any means of using your muscles to apply force against gravity in some structured manner as in lifting weights. You’re applying “resistance” to the muscle that in turn, provides you with so many benefits as listed above.

Getting everyone (especially women) to pick up the weights is a huge passion of mine, and if they smile while doing it, even better!

So, what does the “perfect week” look like? Here are my thoughts!

2-3 days of resistance training (minimum, and 1 is better than none!) + 1-2 days of getting your heart rate up (where you’re out of breath) + 2 days minimum of rest/recovery/mobility/low impact + DAILY movement/steps is going to be KEY for an overall wellness.

It’s truly not about being perfect, it’s about CONSISTENCY OVER TIME, and that will always always win the race!

Also having a cute adidas outfit to hit the gym in can totally help with motivation!

Was this helpful? I’d love to dive into more topics so let me know in the comment section!

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