Day 7: It’s giveaway time with Kind Bars & The Universe Knows! #RESTWEEK

April 14, 2013 -
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WE DID IT! Well, almost. But we’re basically there, right? We made it through SEVEN whole days of no working out. How do you feel? Have you had a any internal shifts? Maybe you just feel different inside…lighter, happier, and more at peace with yourself. Or maybe you had a revelation that the workouts you were doing weren’t serving your body in a positive way. Or maybe you experienced both! Whatever came up for you, it’s all good. You experienced exactly what you were supposed to experience on your #RESTWEEK journey.

Let’s meditate again, shall we? We’re going to re-visit the Let Love Flow Meditation. Let’s all do it together!


You didn’t think we would host a challenge without a giveaway did you? ;)

Our friends at KIND and The Universe Knows are just as passionate about #RESTWEEK as we are, and each company is gifting two of you with some pretty incredible prize packages! It takes a lot of courage to commit to a challenge like this, step into your fears, and really dive into it 100%. We wanted to honor you for that with food that will remind you to be KIND to your body and with Morning Me Time swag to remind you to check in with your thoughts every day.


Our friend Katie works for KIND and writes one of our favorite blogs, The Wellness Wonderland. She is a bright light in this world!


Here is Katie’s top daily self-KINDness routine:

“I honor myself everyday by starting my day with deep intention. Before I even open my eyes or roll out of bed I say in my mind, ‘today is the best day ever.’ I repeat ’today is going to be the best day ever’ all morning long, making it difficult for my ego to creep in (as it inevitably does) and tell me all the reasons why today cannot be the best at all. Try it, but beware – your mind will creep in and tell you, ‘sure today can be good, but not the best day ever’, giving you reasons like, ‘it’s not your birthday’, ‘you have to work’, ‘it’s raining’…etc. But that’s just madness! Honor yourself by bringing deep intention to your day – it will help you be KIND to yourself throughout the day regardless of how busy you are. Starting with intention catapults me into self-care. An affirmation leads to a meditation which leads to journaling which leads to yoga which leads to a productive day, nourishing homemade meals, and even an evening bath of glow time where I allow myself to dream and tap into creativity. All of that self-KINDNESS stems from my one intention.”

Now, Katie and our friends at KIND are gifting our girls Marie (@MarieKNielsen) and Kristen(@kayonnaise8) with a MASSIVELY kind package!


CONGRATS, ladies! You will each receive 4 boxes of KIND bars, a bunch of KIND granola, extra KIND bars, and KIND stickers to plop around your little world as friendly reminders to continue being KIND to yourself every day. Thank you for taking on this challenge mind, body, and soul and opening yourself up to this community in such an authentic way. We are so blessed to have you in this community! Email your mailing address to

As if that isn’t rad enough, the amazing team over at The Universe Knows is gifting TWO of you with an inspirational journal and an inspirational mug. How perfect?! Now, you can continue journaling every day with a warm cup of tea.


The Universe Knows is a company that specializes in inspiration wear. Kasey received a slew of The Universe Knows product through FitFluential just before #RESTWEEK began. The timing was perfect! Coincidence? More like synchronicity. She loved the products the company’s message so much that she couldn’t wait to spread the word even more! The company goes by the motto, “You are what you wear.” The Universe Knows was founded on and is dedicated to a unique vision: to remind people of the wisdom that resides within, and to inspire people to have strength and courage to live with passion and purpose. They created created Inspiration Wear® because they believed that each thought we have and each action we take influences a link in a universal chain of events. We are so in love with the gifts they bring to this world and wanted to introduce them to our community too.

The Universe Knows giveaway winners are Alyssa (@FunFitFash) and Kasandra (@kaleandkass). CONGRATS ladies! Email your mailing address to!

RESTweet Mantra!


We thought it would be nice to conclude #RESTWEEK with this mantra because it is another great reminder for us of what our body’s true purpose is: to be a vessel of love and KINDness. Go ahead and push play on your #RESTWEEK Playlist. Turn on “Now is the Start” by A Fine Frenzy and DANCE! Repeat the mantra to yourself while you’re dancing. As you know, Heather is a big fan of dance breaks. ;) After dancing, sit your booty down and free write for a few minutes on how you’ve grown this week and what lessons you’ve learned from 7 days of nourishing your bod and mind with rest. If you feel compelled to share your story, shoot us an email. We’d LOVE to read your thoughts! Thank you all for joining us this week. We are so grateful to you!

Stay lovely and #beTRUEtoYOU,
Heather & Kasey