Day 5: Let Love Flow! #RESTWEEK

April 12, 2013 -
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Welcome to DAY 5 of #RESTWEEK! It is literally flying by. I hope you all are doing well – I can really tell a difference in how I’m feeling & the relationship I have with myself.


This morning, we’re hitting the floor. Not literally. But really. We are sitting our beautiful booties down on the floor and meditating! Marianne Williamson says, “Prayer is a time to ask and meditation is a time to listen.” Regardless of what you believe in (Universe, Life, God, Inner Guide, Higher Self, Spirit, Soul, etc.), meditation is one of the sharpest tools in our spiritual toolshed. Your mind a socket and meditation is the plug. When you plug meditation into your morning practice, you activate that spark inside of you where creativity, inspiration, and peace lie. It is one of the best gifts you could give yourself to go connect more and get to know and love yourself more.

Got 5 minutes? Of course you do! It’s time to get centered and let love flow through you, baby! We know you’ve got it in you. Today, we’re going to do a powerful meditation that will help you center into your body and really show up for love in a big way. Are you ready? Have your journal nearby so you can free write after the meditation.

Sit in a cross legged position, and let’s get that love flowing! Click play and follow my voice as it guides you. Just relax. A Course in Miracles says that all you need is a slight willingness and you will be given everything you need. You were willing and we listened to your needs. So, let’s do this!

RESTweet Mantra!

Take this with you today. When funky thoughts pop up and tell you that you’re not good enough, not thin enough, not big enough, not tall enough, not short enough … whatever crap your ego (fear-based mind) is telling you, repeat your affirmation gently to yourself. If you’re sitting at your desk and are feeling pissed off or overwhelmed with work, go to the bathroom and practice your mantra while breathing deeply, just like we did in our meditation. Just let love flowww, baby!


When a large group of people come together with a positive and healing-based intention, they have a great capacity to inspire others and impact other people in a big way. Don’t let this message stop here. We need you to share this beautiful message. Tweet it with the #RESTWEEK hash tag. Share it on your Facebook wall. Instagram it. Give your followers an excuse to fall in love with their bodies too.

Stay lovely and #beTRUEtoYOU,
Heather & Kasey

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  1. maria says:

    Thanks so much, Heather and Kasey, for doing this. I ran Boston on Monday and am using your #RestWeek tips and tools to help recover, physically and mentally. What a week to offer up prayers, support, and love not only to others but to ourselves. THANK YOU!

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