CrossFit & Power Pumpkin Seed Milk

August 29, 2012 -
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hey all! So I’m currently posting this from my phone because my Internet decided to stop working at home!

Therefore, I apologize if this is un-centered and weird looking!

Anyway, wanted to share with you all my day yesterday…

I finally tried CROSSFIT for the first time!


I went with mamacakes and a few of her personal training partners!

I knew I’d be come addicted before we even started!
We did an awesome dynamic warm-up, which basically felt like a work out!
Then we went over safety and everything that we needed to know for the work out!
This was more of a cardio/metabolic workout – which I loooove.

Basically, my butt was kicked & I loved every second of my 25 minutes & 33 seconds.

Can I tell you, 75 burpee wall balls with a 12lb ball was not easy but I’m pretty pumped that I was able to finish everything! Along with the double Unders!

I think I could give my wrestling boyfriend a run for his money with my jump rope skills…#justsaying.

It was a great motivational workout where we cheered each other on the whole time and I am so excited to continue down this path! This is exactly the kind of “competition” with myself that I enjoy! I love being challenged! So I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of these posts!

Also, LOVED the instructor! She and I were so similar- we’ve both competed in figure shows before so that was pretty cool to talk about our experiences!

Speaking of that, I filmed a 30 minute video of my outlook on competing and some pretty personal stories, which I’ll be posting tomorrow.

If you have 30 minutes of your life to spare to listen to my loud mouth talk about my experiences, hopefully you’ll check it out! Lord knows I can talk.

So after CrossFit; I came home and ate a huge #powermeal that I didn’t even take a pic of cause I was so STARVING!
BUT what I did take a picture of was my


1/2 cup soaked raw pepitas
(soaked in water over night in the fridge then sat out to dry out in a strainer for a few hours)
(you can use any soaked nut)
3 cups of Cold water
Few drops of stevia (you can use vanilla or any kind!)
Sprinkle of sea salt
(a dash of cinnamon would be yummy too!)

Then blend in a blender and pour through strainer – BOOM!
You have homemade nut milk!
I used a splash in my TEA! Yum!


Also wanted to shout out to @INSTAGRAMFITNESS for the awesome shout out on INSTAGRAM!


Pretty much made my night!
Keep an eye out for my collaboration with instagramfitness and my girl Krissy Mae – cool stuff coming up!

Also check out my LEMON BLUEBERRY CHIA JAM FILLED POWERSQUARES on @FatFighterTV ‘s blog today!!


Have you ever tried CROSSFIT or HOMEMADE NUT MILK?