CMC NYC Weekend Recap PART TWO. [Fhitting Room Workout & EATS!]

May 20, 2014 -
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Good afternoon all! Anyone feel like this today?

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A friend of mine from high school always referred to Tuesdays as “Tired Tuesday’s” but today I am fully excited to be back to a week of clients, teaching, & coaching all before heading to see my girl @heatherwaxman this weekend! Thankful everyday to be doing what I love & following my passion. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like less than for being YOU-  ya hear me? Winking smile just a thought I needed to sneak in!

Anywhoooo – part two of the NYC weekend is coming at you today! Sunday, the day after the CMC, I woke up to my lovely new friend Hudson sleeping on my feet.


He is TOO adorable.

Kayte was training clients all morning, so I slept til about 8 then took Hudson out for a walk around the block.  It was funny, when I told her I had no problem taking him out for a morning walk, I asked her…so, where do I take him? Mind you, Kayte lives in a SOHO Apartment so this suburb girl was confused. She laughed and said…around the block! Which to I responded…the block? As in concrete block?

haha you would honestly have thought I was raised on a farm the way I was super perplexed by this BUT thank goodness Hudson didn’t really leave anything on the sidewalk for me to pick up…if you catch my drift Winking smile.

While Kayte was working, my girl Julia was teaching classes at the place called The Fhitting Room! Even though I was a bit sore, I still wanted to take advantage of being in NYC & get to one of Julia’s classes!


Let me tell you – I got my booty kicked by this awesome workout!


Julia & my new friend Daury aka “Drossfit” taught the class. Rule #1 don’t ever let an instructor find out you’re a trainer before the class starts…Drossfit made sure I didn’t slack because of it! haha Love the energy though & I was motivated by everyone around me.

After the workout, it was time to #refuel at the place I dream about…HU KITTCHEN! Can you believe it took me this long to get to the place? I know. I am quite obsessed with it and would probably have them mail me their Hu Bread every weekend if I could. Just saying.


I got two “dippy eggs” (I love when I order dippy eggs and I get looked at like I have 7 heads) butternut hash, sautéed veggies, & the most amazing bread ever. Side of organic iced coff with grass fed half&half. Talk about delicious & hitting the spot – and don’t worry, I ordered 6 breads to go. YUP.

Oh, & a blondie.


An absolutely delicious blondie I might add.


After the meal, it was time to get ready to take off! Which I got onto an earlier flight – WINNING!

It was a weekend full of good times, friends, fun, fitness, & FOOD! Talk about a power packed time.

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

If you’re an egg eater, do you call them “dippy eggs”?

If not, what are your words of choice? Winking smile



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