Celebrating New Experiences, BODYpeace, & Life With So Delicious! #SaveMySummer

June 30, 2014 -
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Hello all- I’m backkkk! How was your weekend?

If you were checking in on Instagram you may have seen that this weekend Corey & I road tripped to move him into Rhode Island for his new job. The recap of the weekend (and EATS!) will be in a separate post but for today I wanted to share a few things that were Celebrated this weekend to go along with the So Delicious Save My Summer Campaign!

Speaking of So Delicious, not only are they one of our awesome GLOW Retreat sponsors  (don’t forget you can still order your ticket!!) but I partnered up with them this summer. This campaign is all about bringing back the things that you loved about summer when you were a kid, which I love!


Each week, they will have a new topic and we will be encouraging everyone to post photos on Instagram and Facebook all summer long that relate to that topic! There is also some cool prizes in it for you as well on their site!

This weeks topic is “CELEBRATE” which just so happens to be great timing after a weekend full of celebrations.

photo 11

Celebrating each other, our relationship, & this next new chapter in our lives. I am so excited for Corey to take this big step & truly follow his passion. He is such a hard worker (not that I’m biased or anything Winking smile) but for real, his work ethic always inspires me. I’m not sure 100% what the future will bring or when I’d most likely be moving as well, but I do know that we’ll just keep moving forward & reaching our goals, together.


Isn’t it true? I’ll get more into our weekend tomorrow, but we got a chance to really just sit & savor every moment. It’s funny ya know, sometimes it hard for someone like me who is used to the “go go go!” to just sit & be in the moment without thinking of the next step. Corey has a great way of helping me learn to appreciate & celebrate the small moments as well as the big ones. Just sitting by the ocean (when it was his first time to the ocean, ever) was a moment that I don’t think I’ll forget.

Another celebration from this weekend was Heather’s birthday! You may be wondering how I was able to be with Heather, right? WELL! She lives about, 20 minutes, from where Corey now lives. Talk about ironic, huh? So we were able to MEET up for dinner & I brought along a little birthday surprise.

photo 33443

I think she liked the new tanks Winking smile On the note of my soul sister Heather, another thing we’re celebrating is our upcoming book, BODYpeace, that is going to BE PUBLISHED!


I’ll let Heather’s lovely words take it from here,

“When Kasey and I started planning BODYpeace™ last year, we originally wanted to write it as an e-book. We wanted this 30-day guidebook to be more than just a journey. We wanted it to be an experience. We wanted every single woman who picked up this book to feel nurtured, supported, and surrounded my love and encouragement. And so we decided to forego the route of being published. We cared more about people receiving the experience they’re meant to have than becoming published authors. We also wanted complete creative control because our vision was so specific. BODYpeace™ isn’t just a book with text – there’s video, guided meditations, grocery lists, and journal pages. It really is an total mind-body-soul experience – and we want our sisters reading this book to feel that experience 100 percent.”

After months working on the e-book, we put in a lot of time & research into the approach we wanted to take as far as designers, editors, etc.

Every time we would come back to making a decision, something would happen that made us hold out a little more. You know that saying, there is a reason behind why things work out the way they do. Waiting those extra moments to make sure our guts felt right was exactly what led us to a life changing phone call from my girl Lindsey at PNH Marketing.

I totally suggest checking out Heather’s FULL post on what happened that weekend & with the phone call [here]. We are so thankful for the support & cannot wait to bring you our BOOK (feels so crazy to type that!) soon that can totally change the way you see your body and help to find your inner peace.

Have a great rest of your Monday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



What is something that you celebrated recently?