Avocado Power Pudding!

May 23, 2012 -
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Hi all !


or one of my Cottage Cheese “Powerbowls

*Cottage cheese topped with
my healthy chocolate sauce,
cinnamon, & walnuts!

try some Greek yogurt mixed with Chia seeds,
cinnamon, stevia, & pumpkin!

Or you can make some
Avocado Power Pudding!
1/2 avocado
1 scoop of vanilla sunwarrior protein powder
1/4 cup of almond/coconut milk
(or more depending on how thick you want it)
& some stevia!
*blended in my magic bullet & topped with CHIA SEEDS!

I’ve also added 1TB of Cocoa Powder
to make it
Chocolate Power Pudding


If you think about it this way…when you sleep, you’re body is essentially “Fasting”
for anywhere from 6-10 hours before you eat your next meal.

Now I don’t expect you to get up every 2 hours while you’re sleeping to keep up your metabolism,
but what I am saying is that it is important to eat something
that is slow digesting before bed that will also help with your muscle repair while you sleep!

Then you wake up with energy

Why? Protein stimulates muscle growth, but only for two to three hours after exercise.
If you’re an after-work gymgoer, you may not have an extra meal to stimulate muscle production while you’re sleeping.
This is why slipping in a protein snack before bed could give your body
the opportunity to break it down into amino acids, which stimulate muscle growth,
says van Loon. (Don’t know everything about protein?
Here’s your perfect guide.) 


Eating Late Myth

If you’re worried that eating late will make you pile on the pounds — don’t be.
Research has shown that if your pre-bed meal doesn’t tip you over your recommended calorie intake,
then eating late is no more likely to cause fat gain than would eating any other time of the day.

During the night, your body still is metabolically active, burns calories, and actually needs a certain amount of fuel
to help you recover from your training sessions.


Try to leave around an hour between eating and going to sleep though,
as any less than this may cause digestive discomfort.

surprisingly my sensitive stomach can handle me eating my last meal,
brushing my teeth, & then falling asleep!

Again, it’s whatever works for YOUR OWN BODY! Winking smile

enjoy your day!!


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27 responses to “Avocado Power Pudding!”

  1. I usually make an “egg white crepe”. I use 1/2 c. egg whites, cinnamon, a few drops of stevia–cook it like a pancake, and fill it with 1 tbsp. almond butter and a little bit of jam! 🙂 I would love to try the casein fudge I have been seeing around lately though!

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the blog! That was fast!! I can’t wait to try the cottage cheese powerbowl tonight! I’m excited to try the sun warrior frosting on cottage cheese combo you’ve mentioned too.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Great post! I wish more people had your view!
    My before bed snack is usually cottage cheese mixed with peanut flour, whey, and sunflower seed butter 🙂

  4. I have to eat right before bed or I can’t sleep at all. I usually have casein with a Tbsp or two of nut butter. This is one of those diet myths that people just refuse to accept the facts on. Your avocado recipe sounds great.

  5. Jolynn says:

    Great post!! Usually my last meal is around 8 or 9pm then in bed at 10ish. Before really watching what/how I ate and before boarding the #eatclean train, I used to think I would gain if I ate late. Which, in theory, is true because I ate garbage but now I thoroughly enjoy my late night meals! 🙂

  6. Caitlin says:

    I used to believe that eating after dinner would make me gain weight, and I still do struggle with those kinds of disordered thoughts. However I know rationally that that’s not true especially since I almost always have a snack after dinner and it hasn’t made me gain unhealthy weight! I love to have plain Chobani with some kind of mix in. Last night I mixed in a FiberOne brownie and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

  7. Kayleigh says:

    I love having that last snack before I go to bed. And I do wake up feeling more energized. Usually, I like to have some greek yogurt, OR I will mix up a casein pudding with 1 T peanut butter. Thanks for breaking that myth!

  8. Thank you for this post, I hate when people have that stupid can’t eat after a certain time. I need food at night, period. Also just got my sharkies package…. AHH FREAKING AMAZING. First time trying them and I am in love, plus killer tshirt and water bottle.

  9. I ALWAYS eat something close to bed time! If I don’t I feel like I’m starving my muscles throughout the night and I also wake up super hungry. I’ve yet to try any of your recipes, but it is on my to do list I promise!

  10. Jessica says:

    SO grateful that you are making a difference and breaking this myth- especially for your students! High school girls are SO impressionable, and it is awesome you are teaching them healthy ways of living! Rock it toned teach 🙂

    My favorites are
    – 1 scoop casein mixed with almond milk into a fudge, put in the freezer for about an hour, take out and top with chia jam or peanut butter!
    – cottage cheese concoctions- I usually drizzle Barlean’s Flax Oil (the chocolate swirl kind) on it and it is delicious!
    – a protein muffin of some sort- no real recipe, just kind of mix some goods and microwave… tends to turn out okay 🙂 and top it with some peanut butter! Gotta get those healthy fats in!

    I am def going to try your avocado pudding!!

  11. I have been crazed today so just saying hi since this has been sitting in my email box & will read it tomorrow or later – so many recipes & great words of wisdom!

  12. katie says:

    LOVE this!!! I eat before bed every night and I love it! I make a shake with Truitin cinnabon protein powder, cottage cheese, vanilla almond milk, and chias! so good!

  13. LOVE! I try to tell people about this all the time.. I eat a lot of cottage cheese late at night lol. I will have to try the avocado pudding.

  14. Danielle says:

    I always need a snack before bed, usually plain Greek yogurt or a handful of almonds, or strawberries. Your avocado pudding recipe looks great! I want to try it…maybe for tonights snack?!

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  16. I am with you here!!!! I don’t like the full on meal thing close to bed because it feels like crap lying down like that & the digestion does not work great – at least in my case but eating something like you mentioned, a smaller mini snack is perfect and and at least hour before bed is what works for me too. I am a early morn workout person so yes, that casein/whey mix is my thing too for slower absorption & having fuel for the workout….

    I think this after 7 thing started because most mindless snack at night & usually the wrong stuff & too much of whatever it is.. mindless TV snacking! 😉

    Great post!

  17. Lisa says:

    I definitely eat before bedtime, especially since I workout first thing in the morning most days. This is a great post. I think people should be aware if they are eating at night and struggling with weight, but to have a cut off time for eating is kind of silly. Eat when you body is hungry, stop when full. I wish more people shared the same view of eating before bed instead of fearing it!!

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  19. […] be fair, I am going to direct you to the Power Cakes site for the recipe, but the ingredients are just avocado, protein powder, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and […]

  20. jdz says:

    Yeah it isn’t important. I usually eat dinner around 10pm, I’m a night owl. I don’t eat breakfast. I run races, duathlons and triathlons… never been a problem. The after 7 is based on people going to sleep at like 9pm.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Love avocado anytime.Like vanilla too. Together? Yummy!
    Thank you.

  23. Jaynie Taylor says:

    I had an avocado laying around that I needed to use up so I came to your blog figuring you would have something yummy. And after making this, I am glad I did. I used pb flavored protein powder. Talk about delicious! Love your blog!!!

  24. Lenka says:

    This is so wrong! I would never eat walnuts at night. It has fats (good fats) but still! once i used to ignore it, so I gained weight. Then I started to not eat after 6 pm and I saw the difference right away. Ive lost weight.

    • Kasey says:

      Hi Lenka – I’m sorry that you disagree – from my research it’s mostly about people who eat after 7 who eat more calories than they need to consume. But those who snack at night with calories still left to consume it’s fine as it works into their day. I think everyone’s body is different so I totally respect your words – but for some people eating after 7 is totally fine. This blog is about positivity so I’m all for chatting or emailing if you’d like! Thanks 🙂

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