BODYpeace Rhode Island Meet-Up & Weekend Recap!

November 24, 2014 -
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Hey all & Happy MONDAY! Gotta love a start to a Holiday week! :]

Over the past 5 days I’ve been lovin’ life in Rhode Island with my Fiance and Soul Sister, Heather Waxman!

Every time I head to the airport, I’ve always got a snack in hand. On the way to Rhode Island, it was dried mango. YUM.


The day after I got there, I met up with my girl Heather while Corey was at work. I had some oats before heading to Providence & have found a new love for CASHEW MILK.


Ah – soo good! So Delicious unsweet vanilla cashew milk goes amazing in oatmeal, just saying. I also had some eggs on the side to fuel up.


Once I got to Heather’s, I couldn’t wait to “pop the question” by asking her to be a Bridesmaid!



Really couldn’t imagine our day without her being a part of it. After a good hour-long chat to catch up, we headed to meet out girl Val for some Dinner!


I could eat this every single day. Roasted sweet potatoes with homemade BBQ sauce was UNREAL. I also ordered a harvest salad…


Homemade vinaigrette tossed greens with roasted pistachios, apples, roasted onions & figs, goat cheese, & I also got extra Tempeh for a protein boost. Later that evening, we headed to an Anxiety Support Group where Heather was speaking. The room was full & Heather’s voice was heard. She did an amazing job sharing her story & tips for dealing with Anxiety. Something that I know a lot of us deal with.

The next day I spent doing some things around the apartment while Corey was working. I surprised him by installing a new shower head into the bathroom. The older one needed some serious cleaning out so my Dad (who is a Plumber) was nice enough to teach me how to do it. For those wondering, it was super simple! I felt super accomplished once he got home & I could show off my handy women skills.

We headed to the Gym then to a date night dinner. Salmon was on my mind & this meal did not disappoint.


Grilled Salmon over fingerling potatoes, dressed greens, roasted red peppers, green beans, & a lemon chutney. SO GOOD.

The next day was our BODYpeace meet up! I headed to Heather’s early for a Podcast ¬†interview (more on that to come! so fun.) and then we got prepped for a night with our girls.


We made sure everyone would be comfy with some water, a KIND bar, and some Under Armour Women swag – of course. We started the meet up off with Heather & I sharing our own BODYpeace journey’s. It was so nice to just have a conversation with all of the Ladies. Heather & I are very passionate about not “talking to” someone but “talking with” someone and that’s exactly how this meet up was.

The ladies were so open & honest with themselves & each other. It was so awesome to see!

Heather then led everyone through a special & unique journal activity which was made up just for this meet up.


The Ladies then went around the room sharing their stories & why they wanted to find BODYpeace within themselves.


After our honest hour, I whipped up some BODYfuel smoothies made with VEGA Chocolate Protein, frozen bananas, & almond milk. So simple yet fueling!


After the chat, the Ladies brought their books or got one there & had us sign them.



Thank you Clarissa (check out our BODYpeace YouTube interview with Clarissa here) for your sweet words!


Signing my first copy of BODYpeace (for my girl Kayley!) was such a great experience. Knowing that through your honest words & story you can make a difference in someone’s life is amazing.


Thank you Kim for this awesome collage! Totally captures the whole feeling of the night. And also shout out to my friend from home, Emily, who created this awesome BODYpeace wall art that I was able to surprise Heather with! ;]

IMG_4979The next day the boy & I headed to the gym. I think I win the award for BEST facial expression while doing rows. (while my Corey just smiles.) Typical?


Before you knew it, the rest of Sunday flew by and it was time to drive back to the airport. Merp! Time definitely goes too fast.

IMG_5045I was back to sitting & waiting for my flight, snacking on barefruit apple chips this time, & thinking about the weekend I just had. It’s not easy being hours and hours away from people you love, but before too long, that will be changing.

Life is all about changing, bringing on something new, & learning how to grow from there. I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with Corey, even if it’s just for a few days, and the time I get to spend with friends, even if it’s just for a few hours.

It’s not good-bye, it’s see you later!

Have a great Monday guys, I’m off to teach a spin class!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



What’s your favorite travel snack?



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