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October 25, 2012 -
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Today’s #PLANTPOWER Theme is KALE!
hmm, we all may know a girl named Heather with a blog

What a coincidence! Winking smile

I know my girl’s got kale on lock down;
have you seen her kale wraps?

What a perfect powersnack!

or her Breakfast Tofu Scramble?

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge tofu person; totally not against it though
SO this does look amazing – I may sub beans! Winking smile

Also, our girl Felicia shared a killer
KALE PESTO earlier in the month for


I’ve also taken a dip in the kale pool myself with my
Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce from yesterday’s post with the


& channeling my inner Rachael Ray my Cheesy Garlic Kale Cooking Video!

via powercakes

It is great to get those GREENS in all different forms!

Speaking of greens, my lovely friend Catharine from Bits Of Health
wanted to offer a sample pack of her Spirulina product for the #plantPOWER challenge!

Gosh, the love just keeps on comin’ ! Red heart

When Catharine and I spoke, she shared her  story for starting her company;

“Catharine is passionate about showing you how to be healthy and how to have fun with nutrition.
Catharine totally changed her career four years ago when her younger sister developed breast cancer
and was told by her oncologist to eat an alkaline diet to help her heal.

An alkaline diet is primarily fresh food that is green.
It introduces enzymes, phytonutrients, chlorophyll into the body
which builds the immune system and oxygen into the cells (cancer can’t exist in oxygen).

Catharine shared all her research with her sister, who changed her diet and healed.

The experience was life changing for Catharine.
Clearly an alkaline diet was good for one’s health but why wasn’t anyone telling the rest of America?

She decided she would. So, Catharine gave up her 20 year career to return to school to
study nutrition and help others understand the importance of green nutrition and an alkaline diet.

Enter the BITS!

Catharine also sent me some more awesome info:

She spent a year searching for something so perfect, so simple and so nutritionally dense,
it would provide all the green nutrients missing from most people’s diet.

She finally found it. Algae.

It has the highest concentration of protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants and nutrients.
Even NASA says “one gram of algae has the same nutrition of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables.”

Algae was clearly the answer.

But most people thought of algae as just pond scum, so Catharine knew she
had to give it a makeover if she was ever going to get Americans to take it.

As a start, she made her algae easy to take and easy to carry around,
by packaging it in small tabs that could be swallowed or chewed by the handful on the run at any time.

Then, to make her algae fun, she called her tabs “bits” and gave them names that were easy to say
and understand like ENERGYbits®, SKINNYbits®, RECOVERYbits® and VITALITYbits®.


You can find these at their own websites;
www.bitsofhealth.com , www.energybits.comwww.skinnybits.com ,
www.recoverybits.com  and www.vitalitybits.com

Catharine is offering a sample pack of the BITS to two lucky winners!

To enter
leave a comment telling me your favorite way to eat KALE
and why you want to try the Bits Of Health!

Extra entries
tweet/post a picture of your KALE day


”I am entering to win #plantPOWER @BitsOfHealth GIVEAWAY
via @powercakes & @theloveofkale! #FitFluential”

also, Bits of Health are offering a discount for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
a 30% discount on any bags of algae bits.

The discount runs until the end of October.
All you need to do is type the code BREASTCANCER (all one word)
into the coupon box on any of our five websites and the 30% discount will instantly be applied!

You can find Bits Of Health on
Twitter & Facebook


Thank you to all of our #PLANTPOWER Supporters!!


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58 responses to “#plantPOWER Kale & BitsOfHealth Giveaway!”

  1. Kerry says:

    I love kale chips, putting it in soups and sauteing it.

    I would like to try Bits of Health to help aid my alkaline diet.

    I tweeted @recoverybabe

  2. Julie F says:

    I would love to try Bits Of Health.
    My favorite way to eat kale is by making chips. I know, pretty boring.

  3. sara says:

    Oh those sound fabulous! I seriously love kale any way…my fav way to eat kale is probably massaged into a delicious base for any salad

  4. Sarah says:

    I love to steam my kale in vegetable broth and serve it with sauteed onions on top! Yum!

  5. Meredith says:

    My favorite way to eat kale is over a vegan red bean and mixed vegetable jambalaya… sooo good! I would also love to try Bits of Health to see if it would give me more energy before tough workouts. Great giveaway!

  6. Rebeca E. says:

    Kale in my salads are a must. I also love putting kale in soups, like one coconut curry with spaghetti squash and kale soup. Everyone in my house thinks I’m in insane for eating kale since the cannot stand the texture of it, but I find it great regardless.
    I would love to try these, anything nutritious appeals to me instantly lol.

  7. Sami says:

    I absolutely love making Kale Chips!! 🙂 So simple and delicious 🙂

    I love reading your blog, I always learn new and interesting nutritional information – i.e. who knew that algae could be so nutritious?? I am currently training for my first marathon, and after reading about the “EnergyBits” from bitsofhealth.com, I would LOVE to give it a try :).

    Thanks!! 🙂

  8. Teresa says:

    Kasey- I saw you’re not crazy about tofu in that breakfast scramble… I would try sauteed butternut squash! Its delicious with kale 🙂

  9. Andrea M says:

    I would love to try Bits of Health! My favorite way to eat kale is in Kale Zucchini lasagna – my oh my, so good and so healthy!

  10. Mary Kate B. says:

    My favorite way to eat kale is in my green smoothies! i’m addicted! I would love to try Bits of Health because I’ve heard about them in the past and they sound like a great way to add extra awesomeness to a plant based lifestyle 🙂

  11. Melissa says:

    My favorite way to eat kale is probably in the form of kale chips! But I also like to eat it basically every other way possible — steamed and mixed with other veggies and quinoa or rice, scrambled with tofu, and more!

    And I’d love to try the BitsOfHealth because I’ve never had anything like it before. Always looking to try new things.

  12. Kim Perry says:

    I like to put kale in my smoothies for extra veggies!
    Bits of health has so many benefits, I would LOVE to try it out!!

  13. Katie says:

    Kale sauteed with diced honeycrisp apples and vidalia onion and some raw apple cider vinegar…delish

    Always looking for new ways of getting in plant-based nutrients 🙂

  14. Sara Leptuch says:

    I love to eat kale chips with nutritional yeast and some sea salt. I did see a recipe for kale chips with almond butter that sound so good! I would like to try Bits of Health for all the reasons you listed above.

  15. Niki says:

    By far, kale chips are my favorite way to eat kale. I dehydrate my own and use a ‘Sour Cream and Onion’ recipe by raw chef, Doug McNish. They are phenomenal and will impress any type of eager. I would love trying bits! I went vegan for 4 years and was raw for a time period, but recently I’ve added animal products back in. Although I’m still eating greens, I’m not getting as much as I used to. These bits will help ensure I’m hitting my daily veggie mark!

  16. I love kale! Adding it to my protein shakes, in my green juices. What I am loving lately is garlicky kale, based off of Whole Foods’ version. So delicious as a base to any salad!

    I would LOVE to try energybits for an added punch before a tough workout! I’ve heard great things!

  17. Carlee K. says:

    Ohh Bits of Health sounds like something I would love to try! What a great idea!

    My favorite way to eat kale is in Kale chips, so so good!!

  18. i have seen these all over and have been very intrigued!!

    i am ADDICTED to kale chips. they are so versatile and you can spice them anyway you want!!
    i also love kale in my green smoothies. i make my own, but not going to lie whole foods green smoothies are AMAZING! i always have to get one when i go in.

    another good thing about kale is if you’re sauteing veggies you can always throw a handful in.

  19. judy Lies says:

    I use kale in my smoothies , there is alot of cancer in my family and want to have as much alkaline as possible I make kale chips too and would love to try your product ! hope I can!

  20. I love roasted kale mixed with other veggies, kale chips, sautéed kale, kale in smoothies…it’s great! This post speaks to me because I am also focusing on alkalizing foods right now – pretty easy with #plantPOWER!!! I would love to try the bits because I am always up for trying new things that I feel speak to me & will support my health!!!

  21. megan says:

    my favorite way to eat kale is sauteed with lots of garlic, and mixed in a bowl with eggplant, tomato sauce and nooch-coated, coconut-oil-sauteed vegan burger. i’m planning on making this for dinner tonight — CANNOT WAIT!!

    i posted about this dish on my blog:

    would love to try these algae bits… thanks again for hosting all these amazing giveaways, and more importantly for pushing me to eat leaner, cleaner, and GREENER!!

    • Pietro says:

      Congratulations on your blogoversary! That’s quite an ahcmeveient. Two years and my favorite green, kale, are worth celebrating. Here’s my entry:When I want to pump iron – I choose kale.Calcium? I choose kale without fail.Fiber, flavonoids, omega-threes,Potassium, antioxidants – all of these.For other veggies, I will chop and saute9,For kale, I’ll massage till its cares are away.Into a smoothie, a salad, and side,Its nutrient properties are bona fide.With a cashew dressing or squeezed with citrus,Kale, I could never ever forget this.A cruciferous goddess with anti-cancer properties,This and more – kale, it is all of these.Whether purple, dinosaur, or lacinato,To the store to get it – I’ve just got to.And when I’ve swallowed its vitamins – k, a, and c,I’ll absorb all its iron (unless I enjoy it with tea).

  22. Brooke says:

    Mmmm, I had kale last night in a big salad with zucchini, some roasted veggies, sundried tomatoes, a veggie burger (can’t remember the name, Heather recommended it on her site!), and some tahini nooch sauce. YUM-MMY!! I also have to confess that I am in love with TJ’s kale chips :). Just for you, #sorryimnotsorry!!

    The Bits sound amazing!!

  23. Molly says:

    These look so good! I’m a fan of kale smoothies, but I’m always trying to add some extra greens to my diet.

  24. I love steaming kale and adding it to everything! I also really like to make massaged kale salads at night for lunch the next day. When the kale sits overnight, it really softens up and soaks up tons of flavor!

    I love the idea of the bits. Who doesn’t need more dense nutrients in their diet?

  25. Jamie says:

    I love kale as simple as possible! Sautéed in a healthy oil with some balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garbanzo beans. It doesn’t need anything else!

  26. Jamie says:

    I love kale as simple as possible! Sautéed in a healthy oil with some balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garbanzo beans. It doesn’t need anything else!

    Bits of health sound AMAZING. I’m always looking for a small snack that won’t set me back AND gives me energy. I crossfit and to get through a really tough WOD, I need to come prepared with an extra oomph. Especially since I’ve set new deadlift and pull-up goals for myself to reach by Christmas. Sounds like these would help out a lot!

  27. Jamie says:

    Whoops, I forgot yo add the second part of my entry!

    I love kale as simple as possible! Sautéed in a healthy oil with some balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garbanzo beans. It doesn’t need anything else!

    Bits of health sound AMAZING. I’m always looking for a small snack that won’t set me back AND gives me energy. I crossfit and to get through a really tough WOD, I need to come prepared with an extra oomph. Especially since I’ve set new deadlift and pull-up goals for myself to reach by Christmas. Sounds like these would help out a lot!

  28. Dolce M says:

    I love making green juice with spinach, grany smith apples, cilantro, celery, broccoli, and best of all KALE!

  29. I loved raw kale salad or kale chips. The bits of health look super convenient and I would love to try them!

  30. Alyssa says:

    I just made roasted kale chips tonight and they were seriously amazing! I’d love
    To try energybits because I’m a microbiology student and we just learned about algae in my microbiology
    Class. It’s sounds strange and that’s why I’d love to try them!

  31. Amber says:

    I love kale in salads or making wraps. Yummmmy!
    I’d love to try the bits of health becuase I’ve actually read about them and their benefits are AWESOME! 😀

  32. Renata says:

    I love Kale blended up in “Green Monster” smoothies! I also would love to try Bits of Health for healthy greens on the go! Great for traveling too! thank you!

  33. filomena says:

    This year I grew kale in my garden and i had and still have plenty of fresh kale coming out. I love kale salads and kale chips. I would love to try buts of health, anything that can offer my body more nutrients that I may not be getting on a regular basis is good enough to try at least once.

  34. Elle says:

    I love kale chips – who doesn’t? – but also like to put it in soups and smoothies.

    I would love to try the bits – they sounds so good for me!

  35. Georgiana says:

    Love adding shredded kale to soups for extra greens in my hot meals! Also would love to try Bits of Health as I travel a lot and this would be a great, convenient way to get my greens in me while I’m on the road! Thanks so much!

  36. Brandy says:

    I like my kale lightly steamed and topped with pepper vinegar. I would like to try bits because some days are harder for me than others to get in loads of veggies!

  37. Raymond says:

    I like to make crisp crunchy kale chips! A great tasty and healthy alternative to potato chips! Thanks!

  38. Raymond says:

    Also would like to try the bits of health for a handy convenient option to get my green vitamins in during my workday at the office!

  39. Sami says:

    These look awesome! I always “hit the wall” around 2pm at work. I could totally use these and I’d love to try them!

    My favorite way to eat kale is Brad’s Kale Chips. I know… easy out… but seriously… those things are TDF.


  40. CarahCole says:

    It’s a random combo but-mashed baked sweet potatoes with steamed kale folded in.

  41. kale chips! i would love to try the bits because i have never tried spirulina

  42. Mila says:

    I love kale smoothies with lemon, ginger and apples! Perfect for the fall and for the insides 🙂
    I’ve also folded it into a squash “risotto” (using puree instead of cheese) with great success.

  43. My favorite way to use kale is either making it into kale chips or blending it up in a green smoothie. 🙂 I’d love to try the Bits of Health — I’ve heard so much about the benefits of algae. What a great way to get in your greens. 🙂

  44. Sauteed Kale with Pumpkin soup is my favorite! I would love to try bits of Health for the extra protein!

  45. I tweeted the giveaway @TheBroadbents

  46. JR says:

    My favorite way to eat kale is definitely salt and vinegar kale chips made in the dehydrator

  47. Annie says:

    I eat my kale either in scramble egg or green monster smoothie

  48. Amanda says:

    Hate waiting for them to bake but love kale chips

  49. Dani K says:

    I love kale chips and I’d love to try the Bits of Health because they seem to be a really convenient, yet REAL way to get some healthy greens on the go.

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