Behind the scenes catch up, new job opportunity, & CMC event updates!

March 20, 2014 -
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hiiiii friends! How are you? I hope your week is going great! A lot has been going on behind the scenes here in PowercakesVille so I figured I’d bring you guys up to speed on some positive reasons as to why my blog posts are a little more sporadic these days.


For the last few months I’ve been working on a new LAUNCH coming soon! I can’t give toooooo many details (even though I’d love to) but I’ve got create some suspense, right? I feel really good about this next step for the site and will definitely keep you all posted.

Second, I am now the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the PA Tennis Academy! I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with tennis athletes ranging in all ages. The coach, Kelly, is great and is super excited about me bringing in some “Powercakes Trained” techniques for Strength & Conditioning. Paper plates & spinning anyone? I love working with athletes and challenging them to reach new potential with heir training that can carry over right onto the court.

With that being said, my schedule has really picked up as I am working with the team 4 days a week as well as having personal clients & teaching my Power Hour classes throughout the week! I thrive off a schedule like this because I truly look at each day as a new opportunity to help someone with their goals, no matter if you’re an athlete of mine, a client, or a friend.

In between clients, classes, & training yesterday I had a few minutes to re-group in my new Under Armour Women Apollo Speedform shoes before gearing up for the Power Up Your Training Marathon Night Event last night! A HUGE shout out to everyone who supported this event. The participants, sponsors, & my family/friends really made this event a success so I really appreciate you all taking the time for the Kyle Chase Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund & The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training.

I will be recapping that whole event here soon filled with pictures of the night.

One last thing to catch you up on – Remember how I announced that I teamed up with my girls Kayte & Julia from Average2Athlete for the Civilian Military Combine event on May 17th? If you missed that post – check it out [HERE].


We are so pumped about this event. It really is going to be an awesome time. We’re about 15 team members strong now (which is awesome!) and the more the merrier, so don’t forget to spread the word to your friends via social media, etc.

The girls put together this AWESOME post with all the info you need about the event on May 17th. I suggest reading that [HERE] and if you’re in the NY area – registering for the upcoming Pre-Race Meet Ups!

They are being hosted at various Fit Hubs this week in New York! Basically, you will be exposed to various elements of the Pit and get to meet other awesome people that are doing the race. Oh and there will be food, obviously. Kayte and Julia will be at the Sunday event this weekend, but feel free to go to any of the days that fit your schedule/location.

The event is free, just make sure you RSVP to if you plan to attend!

Saturday, 3/22, 12-2pm
Reebok Fit Hub Garden State Plaza (Paramus, NJ)

Sunday, 3/23, 4-6pm
Reebok Fit Hub 5th Avenue
*Average2Athlete will be here!*

Finally, I’m sure most of you saw that there will be buses providing transportation to/from the event. Go ahead and reserve a spot on the bus now ($25) if you plan on taking it. Depending on how many people we have on our team, we might be able to secure our own bus through CMC, so keep spreading the word to any friends you think might be interested in racing!


Don’t worry, we have you covered! To start, this year’s Pit includes 4 different variations of increasing difficulty, so that any athlete can participate, regardless of their fitness level or limitations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.01.47 PM

The folks at CMC will be posting videos with the movement standards for Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta very soon, so stay tuned.

As far as training, there are several things that you can do, and we’ll be helping you along the way:

  1. a2aWOW: Those of you who follow @Average2Athlete on Instagram may have noticed that for the past several weeks, we’ve been posting workouts that people can do at home, requiring little to no equipment. These are typically meant to increase “metabolic conditioning” – aka get you read for the Pit. So take a look and start doing these if you haven’t already.
  2. Training Program: Taking the a2aWOW a step further, we’re going to be creating a training program for you guys. We’ll put together a calendar that will most likely include a day for the a2aWOW, a day to practice the Pit, a day of strength exercises (designed to increase your pulling strength for things like climbing over walls) and an endurance day, to help you conquer the obstacle course. Be on the lookout for this to appear mid-March!
  3. CMC Meet-ups: CMC will be hosting a series of meet-ups throughout the New York area, which will give participants the opportunity to practice the Pit and meet others who are doing the race. We will be attending several of these, and will let you know the exact dates and times.
  4. a2a-Powercakes Team Meet-ups: We will also be hosting our own meet-ups and will keep you informed via social media on dates/times.
  5. High Intensity Training – Learning how to push your body to maximum capacity and increasing that threshold is going to be the biggest factor in training for the CMC. Whether you are following our workouts, training on your own or with a trainer, taking classes or CrossFitting, high intensity training is key.


It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is follow this link to our team page and SIGN UP!!! Use the code CMC20 for $20 off. And stay tuned for more updates!

With all of these these taking action – it just so happens that my friends at Action Wipes will be hosting an #ACTIONCHAT tonight! Join me & @ActionWipes tonight at 8 ET/6pm MT to take action & talk fitness goals!

Looking forward to so many positive things coming up in these next few months! Have a great day guys –


be true to you,

xo Kasey