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November 13, 2012 -
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Let’s Beat Stress!
Honestly, stress is a part of our every day lives.
especially now with the Holiday’s coming up
& a wedding on December 23rd in our family!
no, not me, my brother!
Winking smile

Sometimes, it can be good stress just from having a lot of things going on.
I always say that I’m stressed – in a good way!
Meaning, I have  A LOT on my TO DO list that needs checked off!
usually positive things, but still can be stressful.
My day starts early with a usual 5am alarm
(the strum, for those that have an iphone)
Every time I hear someone else’s phone go off with that ring tone,
I instantly get stressed because I’m so used to it being my alarm!

Anyway, 5am is my wake up call to go drink my Apple Pie Cleanser &
head down to our home and do 15-20 minutes of cardio.

Then I get ready & start making breakfast/packing lunch for my day from 6-630am.
Relax & Eat a powermeal from 630-7am.
Get all of my things together & out the door by 7:05 to start school at 7:30!

Then my day is filled with 9 periods of teaching, prepping, typing, e-mailing, students,
& writing/crossing off my TO DO list.

With a lunch break in between there.

Once I’m home, I usually lift & then it’s time for dinner to refuel.


powerbowl of spinach, peas, carrots, olives, sprouts,
organic tomato sauce, & kale hemp pesto.

Once the time comes (around 430pm) where I am “done” for the day –
I ALWAYS try and lay down for about 20minutes to “de-stress”

Even if I don’t fall asleep (which I usually do because I am the QUEEN of POWERNAPS!)

I at least try and put my phone away, turn off the lights, & just relax for that amount of time.

I find that my brain and body NEEDS this to unwind from the fun, but busy day!

Then I usually spend the night prepping for the next day & doing blog work!
because I’m still in the process of starting my business.

Talk about a long day…BUT I’m not complaining because it’s things I LOVE to do!

Although, I believe everyone needs time to #BEATSTRESS
& we all have great ways to do this!

Whether it’s working out with mamacakes to relieve stress,


playing a sport you love,


cooking a new recipe,


or taking a walk outside & enjoying the seasons – we can all #BeatStress!

eat clean banner

November is Beat Stress month at EatCleanDiet.com!

Eating Clean is a huge part of your overall health,

but it’s important to remember your mental and spiritual health too!

Relax and unwind with us as we take care of our overall health this month with these great features:

• Follow along on Tosca’s blog as she features tips, techniques and all the essentials
of keeping your mind and body in tip-top shape

• Enter the Your Power Mantra! contest to build your very own stress-busting power words

• Watch for weekly poll topics about stress in the bottom right-hand corner of select website pages

• Tell how you de-stress with our You Tell Us questions

It’s going to be all about YOU this month –
your health, your relaxation and your happiness – so join in today!

Featured recipes will be on The Kitchen Table!

Why not beat stress with  some Vegetarian Chili?

Totally #plantPOWER Approved!!

How do you #BeatStress?

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5 responses to “#BeatStress with the @EatCleanDiet!”

  1. Clarissa says:

    Your blog is always so positive. I am so glad I came across it. Keep doing what you are doing girl. You are such an inspiration. Good Luck to you and your future business.

  2. Cookin up a storm or taking a zumba class are my fave ways to relieve stress. This month the Fitnessista is hosting a #NamasteNovember challenge, which encourages yoga and meditation for at least 10 minutes per day. This has been so great for me because 10 minutes of stretching and reflection right when I get up in the morning really seems to start my day off on the right foot. I’m wishing I’d started this habit years ago!!! I also find a good movie, a cuddly husband (or dog if he’s not available) and glass of vino helps the stress of the day to just ‘melt away’.

  3. Love this! I totally need to work on better ways to beating my stress so this is perfect timing! Consistent workouts definitely help me get through the stress!

  4. I #BeatStress through WORKING OUT! Sounds so unoriginal I know, but it’s so true. I also don’t have drama in my life, which is a great way to not have stress to begin with! 😉 I don’t hold grudges and simply say, “it is, what it is” and then move on! Life is too short to get stressed out a lot!

  5. […] So the rest of the weekend I spent with family & friends to Beat Stress. […]

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