Arnold Classic RECAP!

March 6, 2012 -
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Hey all!!

my other site is still up for the time being
so you can still see my recipes & such!

I’m currently in the process of updating all of my recipes to this new site!

So excited to introduce to you my NEW WEBSITE!
(Special shout out to Duncan Falk for helping me so much with this!)

I thought a great way to start off my new site would be to fill
you in on the most amazing experience I had at the Arnold Classic!

No better way to tell you about my trip
than to show you a bunch of pictures from this weekend!

I worked for the CRONS BRAND (Come Ready Or Never Start)
along with my two best friends, Sarah & Courtney!

Oh, & Lee
Poor guy had to deal with us girls all weekend ;]

We had such a great time together!
We also video taped most of our trip,
so I will be sharing that soon! ;]

So onto the pics;
(I apologize for the blurriness of some of them)

I got to meet KELLY OLEXA & ELECTRA!!
seriously made my day!
they are both beautiful inside and out and I was so happy to finally meet them! <3

Sarah brought POWERCAKES everyday for lunch!
obvi I taught her well ;]

I got to meet inspiration JAMIE EASON!
saw her in the hallway and I didn’t want to be “that girl” that stops her to take a picture,
but then I thought to myself
“self, what other time will you get the chance to talk to Jamie?”
So I got a picture with her and she is SO adorable!
oh my gosh, seriously such a sweet heart!

I also got to meet Dana Linn Baily!
I’d say she’s pretty LEGIT.

So excited I got to meet the Queen of Clean Eating herself,
She was super nice as well!

Ran into a few high school buds!;]

One of my jobs this weekend was to be the Push Up Contest Hype-Girl! ;]

The record was 180 push-up’s by a Marine
I have to tell you that a little 9 year old boy totally
crushed the competition & did 110 push-ups with PERFECT form!
Totally love it when kids are active!!

Along with being a hype-girl
we passed out CRONS bar samples!
Cake batter, Cookies & Cream,
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, & Chocolate Carmel Pretzel

We met some awesome guys at the booth next to us
that sell shirts that say
” I <3 Being In Shape”
I’ll be posting more about them soon! ;]

Every day my book bag was PACKED
with water, hairspray, food, gum,
gosh you name it, I had it in that thing.

of course we stayed hydrated all day!
who says girls can carry around Gallon jugs? ;]

You can eat POWERCAKES while getting ready in the morning!
no excuses! ;]

I obviously ROCK in this picture.
and totally missed the smiling memo.

and of course we had to end it with a little gun show! ;]

Thank you again to CRONS for this amazing experience this weekend
& to everyone that I got to meet and exchange business contacts with,
so excited to get in contact!

I also have a few products that I received that I will be reviewing
along with posting my EATS for the trip
& our videos!!

Keep an eye out guys!!

Hope you like the new site
& enjoy your day!!

Have you every been to the Arnold Classic?