Pesto Turkey Burgers & Grilled Maple Orange Pineapple Dessert with ADIDAS & FUEGO GRILLS!

August 16, 2018 -
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Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Does anyone feel like summer is just FLYING by!? Why is it that my favorite time of the year goes too fast? (insert sad face)

During the warmer months, the hubs & I take advantage of eating our dinners out on our little patio with the pup. We LOVE to make most weeknights feel like the weekend by grilling out & sitting in our Adirondack chairs in some comfy clothes..

IMG_8746 (1)

I get tons of questions about what types of meals we eat & it truly comes down to being SIMPLE. We do a lot of chicken, local caught fish, turkey burgers, & veggies all on the grill!

I’ve partnered with my friends at adidas to share with you all some of my favorite grilling recipes while hanging in my favorite summer grilling outfit!


Rocking the
adidas M10 Icon Shorts (love the or
iginal 3 stripes down the side!)….


Ultra Primeknit ParleyTank Top in white (check out the back details in the next picture!), & my PUREBOOST because these shoes are LIFE!

448970e21aee0c353a1e18a5d0cc3f9b0b3e593e79d40a1428e370e90393f277Seriously, if you’re in the market for new shoes, CHECK OUT the adidas PUREBOOSTMy clients are probably sick of me talking about how much I’m obsessed with these for work & training. They truly are SO comfy & supportive that I basically live in them….for real.

Ok ok ok, back to the recipes! ;First up, we have Spinach & Grilled Onion Pesto Turkey Burgers! a27af654d52486b65a6bc5011c1ace45f9215cdfad1683888cb1956757460bcbIngredients:

  • 1 lb of Ground Turkey
  • 2 Cups of Chopped Spinach
  • 1 Cup of Chopped Onion
  • 1 Whole Egg
  • ½ Cup Quick Oats (to bind together)
  • 2 tsp Minced Garlic
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
  • ½ Cup of your favorite pesto sauce! (I buy this pre-made to make this a quicker meal option!)

IMG_8750 (1)How To:

  1. Add all of your ingredients into a bowl & mix thoroughly.
  2. Form the mixture into 5 patties.
  3. Spray the patties with Olive Oil spray to help avoid sticking.
  4. Cook for about 8-9 minutes on each side until thoroughly cooked through.
  5. Serve by adding your favorite pesto on top!


We served these with lettuce wraps to get in some more veggies but feel free to have them on your favorite bun!


Next up, DESSERT! Ok, I’m obsessed with GRILLED FRUIT! It just brings out so much sweetness & those little charred areas are my favorite.

I pulled some of my favorite on hand ingredients to make the pineapple POP with flavor like pure maple syrup & oranges. I love citrus in the summer!



  • 6-8 slices of pineapple
  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk (refrigerated at least 3 hours)
  • 1 TB pure maple syrup
  • 1 TB Melted Coconut Oil
  • ½ of an orange juice
  • Zest of the orange
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Coconut oil or oil of choice to brush on pineapple


  1. When you buy your coconut milk, pop the can right into the fridge so the coconut milk will become solid at the top of the can (best if refrigerated overnight!


  1. When you’re ready to make the pineapple, take out the can of coconut milk & use a spoon to remove the solid coconut at the top of the can.
  2. Use this to make the coconut cream.
  3. Beat the cold coconut cream for a few minutes until light & fluffy.
  4. Heat the Fuego Grill to medium to cook the pineapple (I just wiped down the grill after the turkey burgers & added the pineapple)
  5. Add the maple syrup, melted coconut oil, orange juice, orange zest, & cinnamon to a bowl and add in pineapple slices to coat thoroughly.
  6. Place the coated pineapple slices on the grill.
  7. Cook 6-7 minutes on each side until charred to your liking.
  8. Enjoy by taking some of your whipped coconut cream and plopping right on top.
  9. SO GOOD & refreshing!



It’s been so nice to have an “adult” grill to use for these recipes! For a few years, we’ve been using this mini grill on our patio that only fits about 2 burgers at a time.


We’ve been looking into grills for a while, especially one that Kita can be around (since our little one is low to the ground and she is a sniffer….and we don’t want a burnt dog nose!).

And she loves being around us on the patio so it’s been nice to be able to have her outside! She, of course, was a huge fan of the way the food looked ;]


I was introduced to Fuego Grills & we’ve been LOVING ours!

What a difference from our mini grill.

Fuego has ability to heat up to 500°F in just 5 minutes (less wait for preheating!), has a dual zone burner, strategically placed 45-degree angle to avoid reaching over the fire, & rolls smoothly on 4 wheels which makes it easy for storing on our small patio.


Together the grilled turkey burgers, pineapple, my comfy adidas outfit that just makes me want to be outdoors, our new grill, & our pup — makes for a perfect summer evening!

I hope you try these recipes out & let me know how they go!

Happy August & be true to you,

Xo Kasey




This is a sponsored post between myself & my friends at adidas as always, all opinions are my own! #betruetoyou