A day with mamacakes & fried bananas!!

May 19, 2012 -
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Hi all!
So my posts are going to be a little more spaced out than usual.
Now that I’m home, I’m actually more busy!
didn’t think that was possible but
moving and working are taking up most of my time!
BUT I do love being busy Winking smile
so I’m not complaining!

Before I get into my amazing day that I had with mamacakes,
I wanted to share with you a NEW POWER RECIPE!



Heat 1 TB of Coconut Oil in a pan on medium-high heat
Slice a banana & then add to the pan with the oil.
Then sprinkle some cinnamon (optional) over the bananas while they caramelize!

My new clean eating ADDICTION.

I paired these with some berries and an egg white veggie omelet.

#eatclean #powermeal

So onto my day of food & fun with mamacakes!Red heart


We both had off on friday,
so we decided to head down to a local Farm To Table event
called a “lunch & learn”.

We started off the day with a mango smoothie (for mumski)
& an iced coffee with organic half&half with stevia (for powercakes)


*we listened to an AWESOME presentation on a
Food Studies program from a local college!


The girl in the green was absolutely adorable
& we had very similar passions on educating others
about clean eating and using local farmers to get produce!

It was a beautiful day outside so we took a little walk
down the strip to see all of the other local food & goodies!

Then we headed back into the local market
to grab lunch because I spotted a place that looked AMAZING
& boy was I right!

Point for POWERCAKES! Winking smile

It was called Café Byblos!

*Tammy was adorable & you could tell was very passionate about her food!

There were so many authentic Mediterranean choices!

*brown rice, lentils, onions, garlic, & spices.

*Authentic homemade hummus was to DIE FOR.

Tammy was so sweet because she gave me cucumbers & pickled turnips
to dip into the hummus since I told her I was gluten freeWinking smile

*Tammy ran to grab us a to go container so mamacakes stood in for a minute!

*For lunch I got a fresh salad with veggies, feta, grilled chicken
and homemade olive oil dressing.
With some grape leaves (OMG AMAZING) &
some green beans with tomatoes, garlic, & onions!

*literally loved life all during lunch.

I had some coconut water
& mamacakes sampled some local beer Winking smile

After an amazing lunch we headed to
another local spot to walk around & shop all afternoon!

but not without taking a pit stop by Panera
to grab some regular ice tea for mom & acai ice tea for me!

After an afternoon of walking & shopping,
we went to PF CHANGS – so good!

They have a whole gluten free menu &
it was very easy to order clean!

*I ordered steamed salmon over asparagus and tomatoes
with a side of brown rice & lemon brussel sprouts

*Mamacakes got almond & cashew chicken!
& of course I tried it and it was awesome!

We also drank some unpictured red wine!Winking smile


Our fortunes were
“Don’t be afraid to take that big step.”

”Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Isn’t it crazy whenever the fortunes go perfectly with your life at that time?

One of the many perks from yesterday was that mamacakes treated me to
an interview outfit since I’m a big girl now & will probably be needing one eventually!
I will definitely share a picture once I wear it because it is ADORABLE.

So I have to say that my day was pretty amazing
& it was so nice to be able to spend it with my mom!

It was a day where we definitely enjoyed ourselves with some
great food that was still pretty clean!
along with some wine, which I hardly ever drink alcohol
but life is all about balance right ?? Winking smile

Hope you all enjoy your day!! Red heart


Do you believe that life is all about balance?