Tosca Reno Video Round-Up!

May 16, 2013 -
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Happy Thursday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you the monthly activity happening for the Eat Clean Diet Crew!


I can agree that Tosca Reno has inspired millions of women and men to achieve their dreams, change their lives and take their power back! I love seeing all of the success stories routing from her initial Eat Clean inspiration! Myself & the Eat Clean Team wants to invite each of you whom Tosca has inspired to tell her your story for the [Tosca Reno Life Changer] Video Roundup. Participate in the video roundup and you will enter to win a chance to phone date with Tosca Reno!


When I met Tosca two years ago & then was asked to guest post on her blog, it completely made my day. The person I’ve looked up to wants me to share my story? How awesome! I’ve continued to be inspired daily by her & her positive attitude towards life.

Here is my video submission for the Round Up!

Do you want to participate?

How to submit your video in 5 SIMPLE steps:

1. CREATE: Create a 10- to 20-second-long message to Tosca about how she has changed your life on your webcam or video camera. Feel free to get creative with props, photos, animation – anything!

2. UPLOAD: Upload your video to your YouTube Channel. If you have a Google+ Account you automatically have a YouTube Channel. If you do not have a Google+ account or a YouTube Channel you can create one here. NOTE: If you do not want other people to view your video mark it as “unlisted” during the upload process.

3. CAPTION: In the caption of your video include a description about yourself, use Tosca Reno’s name and use the hashtag #ToscaRenoInspires.

4. SHARE: Share the link to your video with us in an e-mail to Use the subject line “Tosca Reno changed my life!”. If you want your video to be made public, please also post it to your social media networks. Be sure to tag @toscareno and @eatcleandiet on Facebook and Twitter, and use the hashtag #ToscaRenoInspires.

5. RECRUIT: Tell all of your friends who love Tosca to participate too! Everyone enters for the chance to have their story featured on Tosca Reno’s websites and social networks, and a phone call from Tosca.

They will unveil the final roundup of messages and videos on Tosca Reno’s 54th Birthday, May 22nd! Don’t forget to wish her a happy DAY & let me know if you submitted a video! Winking smile

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8 responses to “Tosca Reno Video Round-Up!”

  1. Tosca Reno is so inspiring! As are you! I’m so happy you were able to meet her and that she gave you that opportunity to guest blog :)

  2. Thank you Jan!! You are too sweet :] and yes I agree with you that she is inspiring for sure!

  3. So exciting that you work with her! I have read Oxygen since the 1990’s before you were born most likely! 😉

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  5. Judith C says:

    Kasey, I have been thinking about Tosca Reno since you posted this. I even tried to do a video, but couldn’t keep to the time requirements!!

    I realized Tosca Reno had an influence in at least 2 important moments in my life, and how those moments have ongoing influence.

    First, my mom and I ended up bonding over the Clean Eating magazine. I picked a copy up at the airport several years ago, and left it with mom after my trip. Mom ended up getting a subscription and enjoying the information, inspiration and ideas…and even incorporating some of those ideas in a recipe.

    When going through treatment and surgery for stomach cancer, clean eating, and getting sufficient lean proteins became a huge necessity. The concepts of clean eating presented in the magazine, and in Tosca’s books that were borrowed from the library were just the assist needed during this transition time. It is a process, but mom is more active than before she got sick, and she is finding the balance within her eating as time goes on. I am so grateful….

    Second, I have thought and thought and have determined that in following social media about Tosca and/or Eat Clean, *THAT* is how I learned of you, Kasey!

    Tosca is accomplished, impressive, inspiring….. and I am sure very personally supportive to those she is able to meet and mentor personally. It is clear to me she practices what she preaches. :-)

    You, Kasey, are to me a grass-roots, down to earth, accessible example of someone taking the ideas, tweaking them for the life *you* lead, sharing the actions and choices and feelings, and, honestly, I feel like if I were struggling up the hill, your hand would come into view and you would part coach me, part help me, and help me see a way over or through the obstacles. I have already learned a few things from following you….and not just about eating and workouts!

    Tosca is a beautiful and inspiring example of what is possible…..Kasey, you are a beautiful and inspiring (and real) example of the sweat, and fun, and persistence of the the *journey* to what is possible.

    I appreciate you both, and my life is bettered by the fact that you both share you gifts and shine your light….

    • Judith, this is one of the most amazing things that anyone has ever said to me. I just read it outloud to my mom & told her that THIS is the reason why I share my story & help others! THIS is the reason why I have faith that if I continue to share my gift that I will eventually be led to where I am meant to be. YOU are the reason and motivation to keep going forward, even when I sometimes get frustrated. YOU just made my day and I am so thankful that you follow this journey! I appreciate those words more than you realize! Thank you so much! <3 I am so glad that your mother is doing better now, it is amazing what eating healthy can do for us! You taking those steps towards a healthier life is inspiring others to do the same and you should know that! <3

      • Judith C says:

        Kasey, I am not simply following your journey…I am improving my own journey by participating (even virtually) in yours, and getting a sense of fellowship from doing so. :-) I think that fellowship — regardless of age or specific goals — is so valuable. We are all working towards something, and sharing stories and excitement somehow makes it even more….and more possible…..and eventually a reality…. How good is that!?! <3 :-)

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