Mixed Berry CHIA JAM

Mixed Berry Chia Jam!

5 Strawberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries
2 TB Chia Seeds
1/4 Cup of Water
Few Drops of Stevia
*Microwave for 2 minutes
*Stuck it into the fridge while I was working out
*Paired it with some Peanut PowerFluff
(1/4 peanut flour mixed with stevia & 1/4 cup water)
on my PowerCake!




7 responses to “Mixed Berry CHIA JAM”

  1. Joann says:

    I absolutely LOVE your chia jams! Thank you for posting more of these amazing recipes.

  2. JAF says:

    I just linked your jam in my latest What-I-ate-Wednesday post. This stuff is delicious!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    This sounds delicious! We live overseas and don’t have a microwave. Would you recommend cooking it on the stove for a few minutes or perhaps thawing everything and giving it a few pulses in a food processor instead?

  4. Amanda says:

    you’re amazing !!!

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