3 Ingredient Pumpkin POWERCAKES


These are SO easy!
All you need is…

1 cup Pumpkin Puree
4 or 5 Egg Whites
1 TB Flax
(you can sub 1tb of flour or protein powder here)
*optional : Cinnamon, Vanilla, & STEVIA
but these are just a given, so I didn’t include them in my 3 mine ingredients!
& possibly 1tsp baking powder if you want them to “puff”
but that’s optional!

*Mix ingredients


*Pour onto sprayed medium heat Pan on the Stove
& cook for a few minutes on each side!

Now time for the “pretty picture”…

*I topped mine with some vanilla greek yogurt frosting
some Pumpkin Seeds & some healthy chocolate sauce

3 responses to “3 Ingredient Pumpkin POWERCAKES”

  1. Yum these look great! I love simple pancakes like these 🙂 Yum … oh and anything topped with a Greek yogurt frosting is a winner with me 😉 Love, Leanne

  2. Great recipe! I am always looking for ways to use pumpkin that are healthy and good for people with pre-diabetes who have to be careful with their diet.

  3. Hilla says:

    I love this recipe ! Always looking for healthy meets tasty.

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