Meal For Two FHBC Day 3

June 24, 2012 -
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hi all! Winking smile
Hope you’re having a great weekend!
I’ve been having an AMAZING time here at
the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference!

#proof #fitfluential #livewellnow

If you missed my first 2 days;
check them out!

FHBC Recap Day 1
FHBC Recap Day 2

So for day 3
we started out with a Kinesis circuit workout

And I totally was repping my BN SHAPE TANK!
We did a few different exercises on these awesome
free motion type machines!

My girl Carissa rockin’ the squats!

(fact: one of the bloggers snapped a pic of me right before I almost fell over)

You can do SO many different movements on this!
I did a plank with a knee drive…talk about a workout with added resistance!


As if the morning couldn’t get any better…
Are you surprised? Winking smile
We headed to breakfast thanks to Choose Cherries!

We had cherry smoothies,
an OATMEAL bar all set up with dried cherries,
& a yogurt parfait bowl with frozen cherries!

I also had one of my POWER EGG BOWLS

*recently I’ve added back in some grains into my diet;
and the only reason I cut them out for a while
was the fact that I looked like a whale at the end of the day;

NOT because of the CARB content!
– I love my some carbs

but, from being bloated; so I tried it out to see if that would help!
It did, but I’ve deiced to add some back in every now & then to test it out!

PS I think I spy a BARRE at breakfast!Winking smile

Then we headed to some great presentations!
One of which, talked about the importance of carbs in ones diet
because we use up our Glycogen stores while we work out,
so we need to replenish them!

It was a great topic & I may do a whole post on it
because it was CRAZY the info that we found out!
really makes us think!
He did a whole demo on how when you run,
your glycogen stores are used up
& how it is important to replenish!

Now, he talks about the ELITE athletes that he studies,
which made it SO interesting because it goes into how
lower intensity cardio is a better alternative for burning fat
since when you’re high intensity, you are using a lot of glycogen (carbs)
& not as much fat.

It was a very detailed study that I will have to get the link
to because I’d love to share since I’m not the expert! Winking smile

Lunch today was amazing,
greek salad with carrot & jicama salad & roasted beets!
Then lunch round two because we had an amazing cooking demo
& got to taste the most amazing chicken dish!

Headed to some more presentations &

*thanks to happy mother runner for the pic of us bustin’ a move!Winking smile

Afterwards, we REFULED with an amazing meal of
grilled chicken, black rice, olive spread, & curried roasted cauliflower!
& also some CHOCOLATE MILK!
(Thanks to REFUEL with chocolate milk!)


Whew! What a day!!
but don’t think I forgot about

it is “MEAL FOR TWO”
any of the POWERMEAL recipes can be doubled for you & a friend!

Or maybe you can split a Coconut Flour Chocolate POWERCAKE
for you & someone special!Winking smile

So show me your Meal For Two POWERMEALS!
junechallenge thumbnail

& also check out the POWERFUSION giveaway if you haven’t entered yet!


What is your favorite meal for two!?

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