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Happy day 5 of the 7 days of giveaways y’all from me & my friends at Balanced Body Pilates!

December 16-22

This post is sponsored by my friends at Balanced Body
& all photos by my girl Mikayla @the.photographygirls

Just a reminder:

You will have until December 29th to enter ALL giveaways (as you can still earn points by tweeting) and winners will be contacted first week of January! :]

Each year is so much fun for me to put these together with the help of some amazing companies to bring to YOU some Holiday Cheer & gifts!

It’s super simple to enter each day!

  1. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss a giveaway!
  2. Enter each giveaway at the bottom of each blog post by following the prompts.
  3. There are MULTIPLE ways to enter EACH giveaway so the more you do, the higher your chances of winning!
  4. Winner’s will be randomly selected after the giveaways end on December 29th!
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I was first introduced to Balanced Body Pilates earlier this year at the IDEA Fitness East Conference.

I took a workshop for new ideas for group fitness and got to try their product, the MOTR, during our session.


I was blown away with how challenging but fun the different movements were that you could perform all using this all-in-one piece of equipment.


I travel to a lot of my client’s homes so that first came to mind when using this on-the-go option.


What is a MOTR?

MOTR is a complete home gym in a 43” cylinder that won’t break the bank or take up much space.


Also, how adorable is this top!? They have awesome apparel. I’m living in the cropped sweatshirt.

The handles literally store inside of the cylinder for an easy and convenient way to workout at home or on the go.


Using the cylinder and the retractable cables within the handles, you can improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning, cardio – even Pilates! Then stow in a closet when you are done.


You also get a free set-up info and assembly video and flash cards to help you customize your own sessions with additional streaming workout videos available.


During our session we did some great plank variations, core, rotational movements, & balance work.

This truly is an awesome all-in-one machine to switch things up and try some new movements in your weekly fitness routines.


One lucky winner will win a MOTR to add to your home gym!! WOO!

Thank you Balanced Body Pilates & happy holidays!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! is literally the BEST community on weight maintenance anywhere! I read it every day and I’m so glad I found It not only helped me to loss weight but keep it off, I hope it helps some others!

  2. rana durham says:

    so i am verynew to pilates and all the equipment. i think that this would be great addition to my home gym

  3. KV says:

    This would be great for me when I can’t make it to the gym.

  4. Pamela says:

    Definitely want to add a MOTR to my fitness collection!!

  5. Renata S says:

    This would be a great little machine to use for home workouts.

  6. Kristin says:

    This looks amazing , and these pics are awesome.
    Definitely want to try this product-
    Thanks for sharing all of these great products!

  7. Lisa says:

    I would love to have this at home!! ❤️

  8. Christopher Sorel says:

    for my son and I as we use this type of thing with hockey workouts and looks much better than ours

  9. Nikki says:

    Wow this product looks amazing!! I would love to add this to my home gym!

  10. Brittney says:

    This is my first time hearing of Balanced Body Pilates and I am so excited to learn more about them! The MOTR looks like an incredible addition to add to my home gym of just dumbbells!!

  11. Kris M says:

    This would be perfect for those busy days when you can’t make it to the gym! Would love to try this!!

  12. suzie says:

    I need this for my basement gym!!

  13. Perla says:

    This looks amazing! This would be perfect for my home workouts.
    Thanks for the great advise Powercakes.

  14. Janae says:

    I’d love to win this!

  15. nikki fahey says:

    This would be fun!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to Pilates but it’s changed my life, so this would be a great step.

  17. Bobby says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Love how compact it is and that it can be used as a foam roller, too!

  18. Stephanie Pierson says:

    Just found your blog and Facebook page….Love it! I would love to win this piece of equipment to help my students and for my first Ironman training. Excited Yo open your blog and read more!

  19. Victoria says:

    Would love to win this, looks really awesome!

  20. Elle says:

    I could really use something like this to help build muscle and tone. I’m more of a runner and tend to forget about building strength.

  21. Brandy H. says:

    This looks awesome! I would love to use this with a few of my clients (and for myself!).

  22. Kelly Pauker says:

    This is genius! Love all of the products you use and promote. You are so motivating!!

  23. Bailor says:

    Anything that takes up less room is up my alley

  24. Jessica W says:

    This is a great give away! I’d love to win this!! Thanks!

  25. Julie F says:

    I want this!!! For me and for personal training

  26. Jeff Pasco says:

    Great home option.

  27. Alissa M says:

    What a great way to get in a workout when you can’t make it to the gym!

  28. Emily L. says:

    I have never seen anything like this before! Would love to have it not only for my clients but for myself! Great thing to travel with too!

  29. Sharonda says:

    This would really help with my back spasms because of a car accident that I was in, the driver hit me from behind. As a result I cannot lift weights anymore and I get back spasms really bad, but I’m still fighting to lose weight and Pilates is the only thing I can manage.

  30. Jessica Moore says:

    I would love to challenge my body with this!

  31. Michelle Boudreau. says:

    I never get to the gym anymore since i had a baby. This could help me workout from home!

  32. Kayley says:

    I’d like to win because I recently started doing pilates and it’s own of my favorite workouts, but it’s expensive. It would be great to be able to replicate some of the exercises at home.

  33. Andi Randolph says:

    This looks like fun and so innovative! Love the design, colors, and diversity of exercises you can do with it. And what a space saver! Would be perfect for my small home.

  34. andrea says:

    WOW! What a great workout without leaving home!! I would LOVE to try this…bc I’m pregnant (which is a miracle bc I was medically documented as infertile in 2008?!?!?) and eventually will have a harder time leaving for the gym in the mornings!

  35. Rust says:

    I would like to win because I think I’d be way more likely to use it than heading to the gym. Super convenient and fun!

  36. Tasha says:

    I LOVE Balanced Body. I saw this at IDEA in the spring (in the middle of my 500 hour Pilates certification) and knew I wanted one. I knew I had to have one. This would be so awesome as I recover completely and could use it for my personal training clients as well as my private Pilates clients!

    Thank you for offering this!

  37. Lynn says:

    This is such a great idea!! So cool!! And another amazing giveaway! YAY!

  38. Mya Murphy says:

    I can use it in the comfort of my own home and not be intimidated like I would be at a gym.

  39. Elicia P says:

    The ability to work at home or outside with it. Great workout moves coming from something like this. First photo I was like.. huh, I need more info on this.
    Thank you for introducing me to this product.

  40. donna porter says:

    My husband and I work out together on a regular basis at home. I am a diabetic and hubby has health issues as well so it is important for us to stay healthy. The MOTR would be a wonderful addition to our small home gym. I am truly amazed with how many things you can do with one piece of equipment.

  41. fildena says:

    Yes You Are right I Am Always working For My Body.

  42. Sid says:

    Spoiler alert!!
    U r going to die……
    So go from just reading another blog to taking some action in your life and to fit in your dream dress. You have to check this thing out, it worked for me and I definitely believe that it will for you. Go check it out right now

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