You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

November 29, 2016 -
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Happy Tuesday, friends! Sometimes I see something on Instagram and take a screenshot…only to forget I took the screenshot and then scroll back to it one day and go “OMG I NEED TO SHARE THIS!”

A little while ago I came across this image and I thought it would be a perfect topic to quickly chat about or maybe help YOU tap into this.


I truly think it’s almost idolized to “not rest” or “GO GO GO” and if you’re not “GO GO GO” then your worth is “NO NO NO”. (see what I did there?)

I’ve been the queen of not getting enough sleep but still waking up 2 hours before I have to be somewhere just to get a workout in, when sometimes, it would’ve been better to just sleep that extra hour and move throughout the day to cause less stress on my body.

I also use to struggle with taking “rest days” from training as I felt “lazy” or “less than” while I watched other instagrammers kill it in the gym as I enjoy my extra time in the morning drinking my coffee and enjoying my breakfast at a slow pace.

There TRULY is magic in letting our bodies rest and finding that balance of work/ rest. I totally love killin’ it in the gym but I also love whenever my body FEELS great to kill it in the gym…and for me, taking a few extra rest days helps with that.

I challenge you to listen to your body a bit more and maybe instead of pushing it when you feel empty…take that day to REST and RECOVER and I swear you’ll feel like a million bucks!

This also comes back to how can we take care of others if we’re not taking care of ourselves? Trust me, I preach to my clients always about taking care of themselves and how they RECOVER when they REST at night and refuel…but sometimes I don’t take my own advice. (guilty as charged!)

Once I actually started listening to myself and others around me about the importance of rest and just being “OK” with finding a balance of rest day opposed to training days — you realize that your world doesn’t fall apart and if anything — you feel better because you’re rested when you SHOW UP for your training the next day.

Magic right? Orrrrr maybe rest is magic.

I currently have myself and my clients listening to an AWESOME podcast from a familiar face that I think you will find SO beneficial.

I’ve learned SO much from listening to my girl Kelly Olexa and Kevin Cottrell on the FitFluential Radio Podcasts on circadian rhythms, blue light and how it affects our sleeping patterns (did you know your iPhone has a “night shift” that takes away the blue light if you swipe up?), how important sleep is, and how important resting is and finding that balance of rest/training.

I highly recommend listening to the FitFluential Radio Podcast on iTunes because it has truly made me passionate now about sharing this information with all of YOU and how your health can be better because of small steps to take.

I hope you have an awesome day and allow your cup to get full before your next training session,

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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2 responses to “You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    The podcasts have truly changed my life and are great to listen to while I’m driving all over the place. Love the quote- so true and so hard for us as women to take that time for ourselves first!

  2. Kelly Olexa says:

    THANK YOU and OMG how this makes my year. I’m so proud of the podcast and I’m learning right along with you all!! THANK YOU!!XOXOOXOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOXO

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