Xtrema Ceramic Cookware [Day 11 Of The 17 Days Of Giveaways]

December 16, 2016 -
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Happy day 11 of the 17 days of giveaways!! We’re rollin’ into the cooking isle with my friends from Xtrema Ceramic Cookware!


The foodie in me went nuts over this and instantly made a super simple & easy recipe the other night for dinner — Tomato Basil Meat Sauce.

All you do is brown your beef in the Ceramic Short Handled Skillet on medium heat (we went with grass-fed beef) with some oil of choice and chopped onion. Once the meat is browned, add in your two jars of sauce and sprinkle with dried basil, oregano, minced garlic, & then stir it together.

Cover with the skillet lid & cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes or until the sauce thickens up. Pour over pasta for an EASY dinner that also left us with days of leftovers!


The Short Handled Skillet is  a Skillet, Braiser & Baker all in one. It comes equipped with a fire brick red lid, that is both functional and stylish, to keep the heat of your meal contained. Two black silicone pot holders are also included to keep your hands safe from the heat of the pot.

Other Benefits:

  • 100% Ceramic Material, No Metals
  • Braiser/Caldero style skillet allows is perfect for slow cooking or roasting foods on stove-top or oven
  • This deep skillet is ideal for frying, roasting, searing & sautéing
  • Convenient short handles deliver superior versatility. Easily goes from the stove-top to the oven.
  • Works great on the grill for cooking vegetables and meats
  • 100% Ceramic surface is easy to clean
  • Secure and Sturdy Lid: Cover your skillet for splatter-free cooking and an easier-to-clean stovetop.
  • High-gloss Finish: featuring a non-toxic ceramic glaze with high-gloss, scratch-proof black finish.
  • Dishwasher and Microwaveable Safe
 Xtrema is giving away a Short Handled Skillet to one lucky winner!! GOOD LUCK & be true to you, xo Kasey


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