W.O.D. Welder All Natural Hand Care Products – IN LOVE!

February 5, 2016 -
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Ok, let’s be honest here about what the palms of my weightlifting hands really look like…


Anyone else feel me?

With how many times I touch a barbell everyday or weights, my hands definitely take the brunt of it but I have to admit — I kinda like to show them off a bit ;]

In all reality though, sometimes my calluses can get so built up that they physically hurt while doing certain movements. I’ve always been one to have dry skin my whole life (hello eczema!) which I found out after years of research was due to food allergies (if I eat too many almonds my hands get super dry).

For years I was self-conscious of my dry hands and have been through even more years of finding a lotion or cream that didn’t 1) burn my hands due to too many fragrances or 2) feel too “oily” (gosh I hate that!)

Insert the amazing company, W.O.D. WELDER! They reached out to partner up & after checking out their products my dry hands couldn’t wait to get a hold of them … see what I did there? ;]


Not only is their packaging awesome but they sent over their hand kit, body wipes, soap, & lip balm. All of their products are natural & paraben free,

Their main kit is a simple 3 step process:


1) Apply the easy push-up Solid Salve directly to your calluses anytime, anywhere.

2) Sand down your calluses to a functional level with the natural Pumice Stone.

3) Apply Hands as Rx Cream daily to keep those mits silky smooth.

4) Want to be a hand model? Do it twice.

They also have other products like their cleansing wipes which I bring with me to work at Fitness Quest in my brandy-new UA backpack for after a workout when I need a quick refresh — #foreveralittlekid


They also offer awesome all natural & paraben free lip balms & peppermint, eucalyptus, & coffee bar soap which have both been added to my daily essentials.


I’m so pumped to share this company with you guys & I really hope you check out their quality products!

Thank you W.O.D. Welder!

Make sure to say hey to them on Twitter & Instagram!


Be true to you,

xo Kasey









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