Weekly Favorites! Lots Of Eats, FitSnack Box, & Soul Sunday.

March 30, 2015 -
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Was this anybody else over the weekend?


Abby has a good way of showing exactly what I looked like for 3 days straight. I guess that’s what a head cold will do to you! I was telling my sister-in-law it was like a roller coaster sickness. Tuesday was sore throat & aches into Wednesday. Thursday I felt a surge of energy and felt better, worked out, & then ended up Friday with a super uncomfortable head cold with all of those usual symptoms.

So what did I promise myself? To do NOTHING all weekend. Other than my lovely clients, I hung out with the couch, my ipad, & my box of tissues.

Today I am feeling better – thank goodness. It’s the first morning I woke up being able to “breath” without being all stuffed up. Amen!

It’s amazing what REST can do for our bodies.


But for real though – Sundays are my “day”. My day to clear my head, relax, & rejuvenate for a nice & busy 6 days! Anyone else a big Sunday fan?

Anywho – on the positive side – my head cold did not take away my appetite!

I was able to compile a ton of food pics over the week so today’s post is a lot of candy for the eyes ;]

Favorite 1) Nothing like a FitSnack box to make you feel better!

IMG_7272 (1)

Papcakes likes to make them all pretty & stuff ;]

IMG_7273 (1)

If you’re interested in getting monthly eats sent to you to try check out the packages with FitSnack [HERE]!

2) Sunday morning pancakes, per usual.


Dad used a gluten-free mix this time with protein powder, bacon on the side, kerrygold butter (YES!), & pure maple syrup.

3) Sunday’s are my Dad’s day to shine in the kitchen since he’s not working so dinner was grass-fed beef spaghetti sauce over whole wheat noodles & side of basil garlic polenta fried up in coconut oil.


4) Dessert? Yes please. Especially with a sore throat, anything cold & creamy is on the top of my list. Insert: So Delicious Butter Pecan ice cream.


Topped with strawberries, chocolate chips, & so delicious cocoWhipped! It was delicious.

5) Coffee dates with my Pap!


Even though I was a bit under the weather, I still made time for an almond milk latte & spending some time with someone who wouldn’t mind being around me & all of my tissues – my Pap.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I look up to my Grandpa who supports me in everything I do. He is continuing to grow his business, start a blog, & connect people daily. Every time we spend time together I am more and more inspired to continue doing what I do. Love you, Pap!

6) Breakfast for Dinner.


All the ‪#‎breakfastfordinner‬ food. Omelet with basically every frozen veggie we have in the freezer ❄️ [peas, peppers, onion, & fresh kale], whisked with red hot & dill before cooking with a side of sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, & Trader Joe’s hummus for dipping.

Side of Kill Cliff cause I thought maybe it would give me super powers to kick my cold ;]

7) The return of bagel sandwiches!


I picked up some whole wheat bagels at Trader Joes the other day (one opened up right by my house now! good thing for me, bad thing for wallet – although they do have reasonable prices!)

Made a bagel-wich out of Traders Joe’s turkey, kale, hummus & dijon mustard. Talk about FUEL right there.

8) Tator tots for days.


For real though, who doesn’t love a tator tot? We had some in the freezer so for dinner last week we kept it classy with some tots on the side of grass-fed burger, roasted beets, & asparagus.

9) Over the weekend, I was taking it easy, but Abby was all like, “I’m ready to squat”.


This cat never ceases to amaze me with her randomness.

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10) Nightly bowl of “deliciousness”.


I make this into cereal or sometimes just want that crunch — I’ve got puffins, strawberries, @traderjoeslist O’s, popcorn, & @questnutrition s’mores bar chopped into bite size pieces.

Carbs after a certain time used to be a big roadblock for me but now that I’ve worked towards ‪#‎bodypeace‬ and finding that my body needs a certain amount of carbs a day.

We cover Night time eating in BODYpeace & I’ve truly worked to change my thoughts to look at it as fuel now & that food fear can (slowly but surely) go away.

For anyone who struggles I challenge you to do your research, possibly work with a coach who practices fuel & not restrictions (check out my coaching at KaseyArena.com), and/or challenge yourself to incorporate more of the food you fear into your eats.

You will eventually get to a point where you start to see that you are OK and that food doesn’t have a power over you anymore. You have the ability to find the balance that works for YOU.

I’m off to train my kiddos so I will bet talking to you guys soon!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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2 responses to “Weekly Favorites! Lots Of Eats, FitSnack Box, & Soul Sunday.”

  1. Abby is so cute!!
    && love me some breakfast for dinner and almond milk lattes!

  2. Ariana says:

    Yummy yummy! I’m drooling looking at this stuff! One of my new favorites this week is Raw Revolution bars! They are so good! And you can use the coupon code “Contact” for 20% off their website! I swear you have to try them!

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