[Weekend Recap] Quest Filled Workouts, Lake Sunshine, & Corey’s Big News!

June 3, 2014 -
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Hi all! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Took a little break today to relax by the water with Coreycakes on Saturday.


Couldn’t help but try out some different moves on the playground near by.


We honestly are two little kids trapped in 24 year old bodies…well, I’m almost 25 (on July 3rd) but regardless – we like to monkey around.


Got bars near by? Try these full body Tricep dips! Keep the elbows in & hinge at the elbow while keeping that core nice & tight.


Split squats in the sun by the water is my kind of workout and yes I know, it looks like I’m praying obviously thankful it’s was so beautiful out!


Lake snackage of hummus, veggies, pico de gallo, & crackers.


After the lake, we hung out at his parents house for dinner & a fire. Dinner was SO GOOD.


Rice, roasted veggies, and garlic shrimp. Side of iced tea with lemon & some watermelon was a perfect way to end the beautiful day.

There’s just something about COLD sweet watermelon on a warm day that’s super refreshing.


Sunday I was up early to meet up with my NH_GirlPower ladies for a workout! They are finishing up their senior year this week and wanted to get together for a fun workout before their last week.

We all just happen to show up rocking our Apollo Speed Form shoes from Under Armour Women!


And those little feet? Well that’s the adorable Andy (my friend Jill’s daughter) who rocked the workout & rocked her shoes! Winking smile


We started out by warming up to one of my favorite Zumba songs – ET by Katy Perry! You can check out that video below from whenever I was student teaching & my students totally rocked it!

We got into stations where partners did each station for 1 minute intervals.  Some of the stations included walking lunges…


Plank toe taps (hold a plank, tap your toes up together, and then land back into a plank)…



Core ball roll-ins (start in a plank off the ball, pull your knees in towards your chest & then take your feet back out to a plank & repeat!)…



Chest Press with 1 Leg Drop (lay on back, whenever you bring the bar down, drop one leg parallel to the floor MAKING SURE to keep that lower back pressed into the mat! Repeat with both legs)…




Can you tell that Hannah (in the yellow) is a dancer? Check out those pointed toes! Winking smile


Walking Side Squats (Making sure to use the heels, step then sink into a squat, come back to standing, and then step again as you move across the floor while squatting)…


Perfect for the Drop It Like A Squat FitFluential Challenge happening this month!!


Hamstring Curls on the balls (lay on a mat, push your hips into a bridge with legs up on the ball, pull your heels in to curl and then extend back into a straight leg bridge & repeat!)…



We also used some Harbinger Fit Resistance Bands for partner torso twists (I have a video of those coming soon!)…




Mamacakes led us in a cool down stretch…


While the girls anxiously awaited their Quest Bar snack after! I see you peaking, Jessica Winking smile


A huge shout out to Quest Nutrition for sending us a big sampling of bars to #refuel after our workout!


You can find these & many more of my favorite food on iHerb.com for $5 to $10 off with coupon code XUG228! Any order under $40 you get $5 off and any order over $40 you get $10 off! My favorites are chocolate chunk, cookies & cream, & cinnamon roll! But then again, they all are delish. Especially baked! Bake at 350 for about 5 minutes and you’ve got yourself a cookie Winking smile


Another Oprah Quote to end this post – “Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect.” I just love this one! It goes along with being true to yourself & seeking to be a great version of YOU and not focusing on being “perfect”.

Speaking of living from your heart – I want to announce that Mr. Corey Brown is following his passion & just got hired as the new Coordinator of Residence Education at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island!

Is it ironic that it’s about…I don’t know…20 minutes from where Heather lives? Crazy how things work out!

He’s headed out there in less than a month & I couldn’t be more happy for him! He has worked so hard to get where he is at throughout high school, college, & Grad School – I am one happy & supportive girlfriend!


The University & wrestling program is super pumped to have him on board! Congrats, Babe!


Hope you guys have a great day!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey