Full Body WaterRower [Workout]!

October 30, 2019 -
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Happy Wednesday, friends!

With the weather getting chillier out, what if I told you that you could bring a water workout indoors or in your backyard? 


photos by: @mikayla_pascophotography

Rowing has been around for years not only as a sport but as a super effective and low-impact way of training.


You can hit both resistance training & cardiovascular strength and endurance with one piece of equipment — all while not having to leave your living room or backyard.


WaterRower not only fits any living room aesthetic with their sleek wood designs (as we currently have ours folded up against our wall) but with the relaxing smooth even stroke of the WaterFlywheel, you can keep your noise to a minimum while feeling the natural resistance of water.

I love rowing because you’re literally using your FULL body to pull each stroke.


You want to focus on pushing through your heels, driving with your legs, keeping your back flat while you finish the pull with your elbows driving back behind you with a slight lean back at the top of the movement.


On the way back to your starting point, you’ll repeat these steps backwards. Arms coming forward and then legs bending to gear up for your next drive.


I’ve put together a FULL BODY workout that could easily be done at home or in the gym using only your body, 1 kettlebell or dumbbell, and the WaterRower.


I’ve put together a FULL body one here where we start with a row for time then move into 1 arm kettlebell swings before hitting some strength with kettlebell rows & goblet squats. You’ll finish with another full body hit when you burpee and then hop over the WaterRower to finish the circuit.


This workout is super effective yet quick, full body, and to the point.


If you try this workout let us know how it goes!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey