Views From My Weekend <3 March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 -
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Well hello there everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.

Mine was full of a lot of love, community, & enjoyment that started off with me wearing JEANS! Can you believe it? #TrainerProbz


I usually buy most of my tops from TJ Maxx and this necklace was from my friend Sarah from Christmas time. It also was nice to see how my hair has grown a bit since the last time I wore it down ;]

We saw Beauty & The Beast last weekend and LOVED it! Anyone else? Totally brought my back to childhood.

This weekend we just wanted to try somewhere new for dinner & have a drink and just catch up. It’s so easy throughout the week to be so busy with work (I tend to work later evenings than Corey) and responsibilities that you forget to make time just to catch up so we really try to carve out that time as much as possible, if not every night for a few minutes, but still try to “date” each other when we can ;]

Dinner started off with drinks — an orange spiced something or another for the hubs and a glass of zinfandel for me because I’m still a 21-year-old at heart with sweet wine.


We ordered the crab cakes for an app that were SO good. There is something to be said about living right on the ocean here in the East Coast and FRESH seafood.


Main course for me was a beet salad with Swordfish, Corey got fish tacos, & then we split an order of fries because #balance.


We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals as well as the view…even though it was a rainy day, being by the water is my happy place for sure.


The next morning I hosted a BODYpeace workshop with my girl Heather Waxman! It felt so good to be back at it with my soul sister and create an impact in our community with self-love.


We had 18 wonderful women of all ages show up for the workshop. Heather and I both said we literally could spend all day with everyone and our time always feels like it goes TOO fast.

My biggest takeaway from the day was that 1) I really want to meditate more.

Heather led everyone in a few simple & effective meditations and it goes to show how truly SIMPLE they can be to implement into our days.

Once I loved was that we repeated “I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am blissful.” while having our hands over our hearts & taking deep breaths.

Sometimes that’s all it takes…just a few moments to come back to US and breath.

We ended by having everyone lay on their mats, listen to Heather’s new meditation album (SO GOOD), & massage some essentials oils into their temples while having about 10 minutes just to be & breath.

We hope that if everyone got something out of our time together it was that 1) You’re not alone in body or mental struggles 2) you have a beautiful community around you to LIFT you up 3) we are all beautiful and unique and the more we just embrace that, the better off we are.


Dang did this quote hit me — I struggle…I do…with trying not to take things personally & trying not to please everyone.

It’s a blessing to want to help everyone and be in a field where I get to do that every day in and day out. But, there is a side of me that also needs to work on not trying to please every single person on this planet as that is impossible and also not taking things personally.

I have to route into that I am coming from a good place and I try to do that in all things that I do and in the end, that is what I come back to.

I hope you have an awesome day & start to your week, friends, and if you find that you sometimes try to please everyone or take things personal…ask yourself if you’re coming from a good place and always come back to that you may be making things worse in your thoughts than they really are in reality.

be true to you,

xo Kasey