September 7, 2017 -
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Hi Thursday! Today I’m excited to chat a bit about a course I took a few weeks ago (throwback Thursday!) by my friends at TRX. Y’all know I love me some TRX and I was pumped to become more educated with instructing TRX courses in my area and hopefully my review of the course will help your decision-making on wanting to take a course!


If you’re a trainer or fitness enthusiast, I’m sure you’re familiar with what TRX is and different exercises that you can do on the suspension trainer.

If you’re not or just looking for a refresher…the TRX suspension trainer is low impact functional training that improves balance, mobility, stability, & strength.

ALL major keys no matter your age, sport, goal, or level.

It is also bodyweight training where you make the exercise more difficult by the angle your perform the exercise. Your body IS the machine!


Although I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience with the suspension trainer, I’m always learning & growing, so I wanted to dive into more cues and proper form of the TRX movements.


The course I took was the TRX 1: SUSPENSION TRAINING® COURSE (STC) where you learn best practices for coaching with the TRX Suspension Trainer and apply TRX foundational movement standards uniquely effective exercise modifications.

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I honestly learned a TON about different parts of the TRX itself, the history, the straps, and how to effectively use the product. I also had an AMAZING Instructor, Leighann Novotney, who had the best personality & put us through a kick butt workout.


On top of ALL of that, I also got to meet and connect with a ton of local like-minded trainers from around the area.

In the group were professionals that work in large gyms, small privately owned gyms, senior centers, & athletic trainers who were all looking to safely incorporate TRX into their programs with clients of all ages and ability levels.


It just goes to show how the TRX suspension trainers can truly be used for ANYONE looking to move stronger & be more mobile.


The session was about an 8 hour day, with an hour break for lunch, at a local gym in Massachusetts. If you’re looking into a course, you just type in your area code and the closest locations will pop up.


The instructor was really great about e-mailing us beforehand to let us know what we needed to bring and remind us to pack water, snacks, and bring our computers & notebooks.


You start by learning the foundations of TRX and the history behind the company before moving into learning about the suspension straps themselves & how to properly execute a series of foundational movements on them.

There is a lot that we didn’t realize about the awesome back-end of TRX where there are thousands of Trainer profiles and resources for the Trainers to execute classes, exercises, and tools to train clients.

Throughout the session, we worked with partners on cueing each other through the foundational exercises that we learned. One partner would do the actual movement while the other partner was coaching them along the way to practice when they would be working with a client.


I use the straps often with my clients (pictured in this post — Go Danny & Kyle!) so this was very helpful as I’m a huge believer in practicing our craft. The more you practice, the more comfortable you get in real life situations.

We broke down each area of the TRX and how we could make movements more advanced for our client/groups or scale things down (which is crucial to know in any movement for any client).

For example, the vector, or the angle from your center point of the suspension trainer is used, for example, if the movement is too easy, you step closer to the anchor point.


The instructor then put us through a workout that truly kicked our butts! A lot of the movements were small but had a huge impact with recruiting those “little muscles” that are often hard to work with bigger movements.

I totally wrote down a few of her ideas and used them with my client’s soon after…safe to say they “love” when I learn new things! ;]


TRX is a great company who has an awesome mission of just getting people to move better by using their own body as the machine.

I’ve love these straps and have used them for years with my clients, but taking a course like this gave me a new appreciation for them as a tool and a sense of accomplishment as a Trainer that I took that extra step to educate myself more deeply.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to learn more & expand their knowledge of safety, workouts, and cueing with the TRX suspension trainer.


TRX offers all types of courses on Suspension Training, Functional Training, Group Training, Advanced Group Training, RIP Training, Sports Medicine Suspension Training, TRX Trainer Basic (online), & TRX for Yoga (online).

There is truly an area of interest for everyone so I hope you check them out if you’re looking to expand your education as a Fitness Professional or even become a TRX Instructor at your local gym or rec center!

I’m excited to be currently working on a local TRX class in Rhode Island and attending this course helped build my confidence in leading it. Thank you TRX!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey






I was sponsored by TRX to attend this awesome course but as always, all opinions are my own!