The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day via Lindsey Richardson [Guest Post] #loveisyours

February 13, 2015 -
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Happy Friday all! Today I’ve got a an awesome Guest Post from the lovely Lindsey Richardson! I met Lindsey whenever I was presenting at Todd Durkin‘s Fitness Quest 10 over the past summer.

After my presentation, we chatted for a good while & I instantly LOVED her energy! She is a hard working Woman & I am honored to have her share her story with you today.


Lindsey is a marketing professional by day and a hopeless romantic by night. And after taking a lot of time to explore her true passion in life, she finally found the common denominator between her obsession with love and her obsession with marketing: her passion lies within the STORY itself.

She loves hearing stories. She loves sharing stories. And while marketing is simply just sharing a story, she can tell you her obsession with love stories began when she was merely sixteen wishing on star that she would soon receive her first kiss.

She is the author of It’s Just The Beginning… break up, get up & walk away, which will be released on February 14th, 2015. She is also the co-founder of Marketing Co-op a company devoted to helping women in business get clear strategic plans in place so they can grow their business online.

Her purpose is simple: Regardless of the industry or personal background, she longs to be a real and raw voice about failures, success stories, and life experiences in love, life, and business. To help those who don’t know where to start and give hope in making the impossible seem possible. And, most importantly, to help people find their purpose, tell their STORY, and make a difference in this world.

The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

true meaning

Someone once told me when I was single, “cherish these moments, you don’t get much alone time when you are married with kids.” And for many years, actually 29 out of my 32 Valentine’s Day’s I was alone. But I never cherished those moments.

In fact most of those “single” Valentine’s Day’s were filled with tears, pity parties, and lots of chocolates and wine (once I was old enough of course)!

I never saw the silver lining. I would see other people get roses at work, or jewelry and I would look at them with envy. I would stare at my myspace (in my 20’s) and Facebook and just simply throw myself a pity party.

I would look at pictures and wonder, “why not me?” And all of those Valentine’s Day’s, all 29 of them, I missed the point of the day.

You see, the single bitter Lindsey would use phrases like “It is just a Hallmark Holiday,” or “I don’t even like Valentine’s Day even if I was with someone.”

I would listen to my other single friends hate on the day and jump on that bandwagon because I viewed the holiday as the one day a year that literally put the spotlight on ME being single (because of course there were no other single ladies on Valentine’s Day).

And then after years of being single and hating on the holiday, I realized something BIG.

The day was far more than just a “Hallmark Holiday.” Sure we should all remember to tell those we love how much we love them every single day, BUT, we are human. Sometimes we forget, or get caught up, and what a wonderful reminder this one day a year is to say “I love you” to not only those you love, but most importantly yourself!

Because love is yours.

If I have one regret for all of those Valentine’s Days I spent single and sulking, it is that I didn’t take the time to love myself on that day. To remind myself that there is more to this world than having a significant other. That although we need to love ourselves every single day, take this one day to truly treat yourself! Buy yourself flowers, or chocolates or wine.

The best gift we can give to our mind, body & spirit, is to love ourselves each and every day, and on those special days, give ourselves a little “extra” love!

So on the heals of Valentine’s Day, whether, you are single, dating or married, I challenge you to still give yourself some love on that day!

In fact we want to reward you for doing it 🙂 Post your picture on Instagram of doing something for yourself with the hashtag #loveisyours, and we will be giving away 10 copies of my new book “It’s just the beginning, break up, get up & walk away.”

This book shares many stories of overcoming break-ups, but most importantly, it shares how I took the journey back to myself, and how I had enough courage to stand up for what I wanted in love and life!

So I challenge you. This week of Valentine’s Day, shift your perspective, focus on you, and make sure to post your picture of you accepting this challenge with the hashtag: #loveisyours!

-Lindsey Richardson


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