SweatGuru.Com Launches Today! [10/30]

October 30, 2013 -
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Hey all! Happy Wednesday! I’m definitely getting back into the swing of things over here after being on Hawaiian time for a few days. I’m not sure if it’s the adrenaline, or definitely the spirulina, but I had so much energy yesterday! After a good nights sleep, I went to teach my Power Hour class at GNC and my class BROUGHT IT! They all worked super hard & the energy carried over. It just goes to show that when you consistently take care of your body with fuel, hydration, & proper rest – bouncing back into a normal routine doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

COUPON CODE ALERT! For anyone interested in purchasing spirulina, which I think after you see my recap you will really want to partake in the amazing benefits, but Nutrex-Hawaii is offering a 25% discount with coupon code PCNOV25!

I actually am leaving tomorrow for another trip to visit family in the south – so the quick turn around between trips means I definitely need to focus on nourishing my bod & giving it what it needs! Knock on wood –I’m feeling pretty good! Winking smile

Last night I was craving a big #Powerbowl so I threw together a bunch of different foods – per usual. It’s always really exciting to make a salad after you go grocery shopping, right? It’s like a plethora of fun ingredients waiting to be eaten.


I took spinach, romaine, roasted carnival squash, roasted beets, black olives, & red onion then tossed it with a few spoonfuls of tahini, a few spoonfuls of nutritional yeast, lemon juice from a half of a lemon, spoonful of Dijon mustard, a few TB aka spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar, a few drops of liquid stevia (iherb.com coupon code XUG228) turmeric, & ground pepper.

Obviously I used my highly technical method of measuring with “spoonfuls” – ha! Sometimes I just throw things together & if they work – I try to share before I forget any ingredients but this definitely hit the spot!


I have SO much information to share with you about Hawaii that it is going to take me most of today to get all of the days recapped for blog posts. BUT I will not leave you hanging – while I’m a busy bee, my fellow IDEA Fitness Inspired Advisor who I met this year at the World Convention, Alyse, and her business partner, Jamie, are sharing information on their new LAUNCH of a program called Sweat Guru!

SweatGuru hi res logo

What is Sweat Guru?

  • SweatGuru is the first marketplace that brings people together around fitness classes and experiences. By allowing anyone to organize, discover, book, and share fitness classes online, SweatGuru takes the work out of working out.
  • The company also helps small and medium-size fitness businesses be more successful online. By offering the first easy to use, affordable tools for tasks like online marketing, scheduling classes, collecting payments, and staying in touch with clients, SweatGuru allows fitness professionals to spend more of their time teaching, and less time behind a desk.
  • This is offered around the LA, San Francisco, & NYC Areas.


How do I use SweatGuru?

  • Using SweatGuru is simple! Visit SweatGuru and browse for classes nearby using the search
    box, view classes recommended for you, or search by class type. You can also filter by price, location, and type.
  • Your SweatGuru profile keeps track of all your fitness so you don’t have to!

Consumer Benefits

  1. Discover new classes
  2. Sign up for classes online
  3. Create community groups (i.e. running clubs, walking groups, tennis leagues)
  4. Search and view profiles and classes of fitness professionals in your area
  5. Share classes with friends and invite them to join you
  6. Notifications when favorite classes are about to begin
  7. Favorite instructors, classes, and studios for quick class access
  8. Your whole fitness profile in one place (attendance, memberships, favorites)

How do fitness professionals use SweatGuru?

  • Fitness professionals can add their business to SweatGuru, and begin attracting new clients and grow their business immediately.
  • Trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness studios can list their class schedules and services online and gain access to a full suite of tools, including payment processing, online reservations, customer management, and marketing analytics.

For fit pros
• List classes (free) and get discovered by new clients
• Build a profile for yourself and your business
• Easily move your business online: reservations, scheduling, and payments
• Social integration with Facebook and Twitter
• Affordable and easy-to-use, even for tech novices
• Web-based, accessible from any computer, tablet, or smart phone
• Unlimited support access

What will I use it for?

  • Use SweatGuru to keep track of all your fitness class activity in one place! Sign-up and book classes at your favorite fitness studios or with your favorite instructors from one place.
  • You can also use SweatGuru to manage your fitness groups or clubs!

Who is SweatGuru for?

  • SweatGuru is for everyone who loves fitness! It’s for those exploring new fitness routines, curious fitness travelers, and fitness junkies. It’s also for fitness professionals who need a place to grow and manage their business online.

guru_running_running url
Do I need an account to use SweatGuru?

  • No, you can browse for classes on SweatGuru without an account. When you sign up for a class, you can log in using your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google accounts and keep track of your purchase history and upcoming classes.

Can I remain anonymous on SweatGuru?

  • Yes, you can remain as private as you’d like. We won’t share anything you don’t want to share.

What are SweatGuru Rewards?

  • SweatGuru gives you points for checking into classes, sharing your workouts, and more. You can redeem rewards for fun prizes like healthy foods and fitness gear. Prizes are subject to change.

Let’s learn a little bit more about these inspirational ladies who followed their passion to start their own business.


When was SweatGuru founded? And by whom?


  • SweatGuru was founded in 2012 by Jamie Walker and Alyse Mason Brill. SweatGuru is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.
  • Prior to SweatGuru, Jamie and Alyse have owned and operated Fit Approach, a wildly popular San Francisco boot camp, blog, and online community whose “Sweat Pink” motto has inspired more than 5,000 global members and 20,000 monthly visitors to lead healthy lifestyles.

SweatGuru studio profile

How many employees?

  • SweatGuru currently has 5 full-time employees.

Achievements to date:
• VatorSplash 2013 People’s Choice Award winners
• Named “San Francisco’s Hottest Startup 2012” by TechCocktail
• Won UC Berkeley Startup Competition
• Raised $500K

How inspiring, right?

I love seeing when people follow their dreams and really go after it! Very motivating for me to continue what I am doing as well.




Connect with Sweat Guru!

[Facebook] & [Twitter]

I wish Jamie & Alyse so much luck in what they are doing!

Nutrex-Hawaii recap coming up next – talk to you guys soon!

be true to you,

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