Summer Lovin’ – Clif Builder Bars, Wantable Accessories, & SizzleFish Salmon and Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe!

July 28, 2016 -
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Happy Thursday, all! Hope you’re having a great week!

My girls have been crushing their summer training and it is so fun to seem them progress.


It may take us more than 1 attempt for a picture, but we end up getting it…


My girls have been loving the CLIF BUILDER BARS that were sent to me last week thanks to a partnership with FitFluential & Clif Bar! I love helping my girls find new ways to sneak in protein that taste great & are super convenient.

File_000 (10)

About half way through our training we take a drink and snack break which has been involving the Clif Builder Bars and they love them.

Another one of my summer favorites (other than training)? Wantable!

I’ve chatted about Wantable before and have been loving their monthly services.

Wantable is a service that sends you fitness clothing, regular clothing, accessories, or make up once a month.

First you choose a category and take a short style quiz (this helps them match you up with the accessories, make up, or clothing that are your style!), receive an assortment of handpicked items just for you, then keep what you love and you send back what you don’t. You are only charged for the items you keep when it comes to the clothing & the accessories you get to keep everything!

I have been loving the fitness clothing but switched it up this month to the accessories because when i’m not in fitness clothes I do love me some accessories ;]

wantables (9)

This month it was a super cute clutch, triangle stud earrings, a wrist wrap watch (I was just saying how I needed a watch for when I am not in fitness clothes! haha), and sunglasses.

You can find more info here!

Another favorite of mine this summer? SIZZLEFISH!!

I love me some fish in the summer…and all year.


Corey & I partnered up to whip this up the other night! So simple & delicious.

Here’s the breakdown — 

  • @SizzleFishFit Wild Salmon with lemon pepper seasoning grilled by mr.@coreycakes23 himself.
  • Crispy Brussels because crispy is life made on the stove sautéed with @nowfoodsofficial grapeseed oil, salt pepper, & garlic.
  • Caesar pasta salad with Now Foods rice & quinoa macaroni cooked then chilled & combined with…
    ✅ Caesar EVOO dressing (about 1/2 cup) I used the Wishbone brand
    ✅ Kalamata olives
    ✅ Green Olives
    ✅ Feta
    ✅ Fresh chopped basil 🌿
    ✅ 1 Chopped Tomato .
  • Pasta salad was SO easy to put together & one of my favorite summer eats.
  • 🍷 Summer spritzer was ice + red wine + @polarseltzer Tangerine Limeade + squeeze of a lime + dash of @nowfoodsofficial liquid stevia + raspberries (so refreshing!)


Pasta salad is one of my favorite summertime eats and brings back memories as my mom used to make it all of the time when we were kids.

What’s your go-to summer dish?

Have an awesome day & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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2 responses to “Summer Lovin’ – Clif Builder Bars, Wantable Accessories, & SizzleFish Salmon and Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe!”

  1. Cassie says:

    Go-to summer dish is a baked sweet potato with a fruit salad! I also top the sweet potato with PB2, turmeric and cinnamon! SO GOOD. For a more savory dish, I just put together some roasted vegetables with tofu!

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