I put the StinkBOSS to the test. [REVIEW]

November 3, 2016 -
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Happy Thursday, friends!

I do love reviewing products that not only 1) do I think will obviously benefit YOU, the readers! but, 2) could create some type of impact in your day to day & 3) when it’s a story of a Women Entrepreneur creating impact!

My friends at StinkBOSS reached out to me recently and I was instantly like…oh my I need to try this…and maybe share it with all of my soccer mom’s! ;]


First, let’s chat about what StinkBOSS is…

The woman, Hilary, who created the StinkBOSS likes to tell the story of coming home from basketball practice with her two sons and realizing (with her head hanging out the window) there had to be a way to take the STINK out of their basketball shoes.


She brought the problem in to one of our engineers, and from there the StinkBOSS was created.


StinkBOSS is a device that dries, disinfects and deodorizes any shoes, garments or sports equipment that can fit inside its enclosure.


StinkBOSS is the only deodorizer on the market that features a unique enclosed container to reach all surface areas of the article.

Sweat alone doesn’t stink…it’s the duo of sweat and bacteria that cause odor. The unique technology combining ozone and heat, eliminates odor, rather than just masking it with any fragrance or spray.

I put it to the test…


…with my Harbinger Fitness knee sleeves that definitely have a lovely smell of sweat & pure roses…right? ;]

It’s super simple to use…you simply just open the lid and put in your equipment, set the StinkBOSS to a longer time or shorter time, depending on how “stinky” your stuff is.


I just put it on for an hour to test and see how it would be after that amount of time.

My results

The stink was absolutely GONE! I am being 100% real with you. They didn’t have any order and if anything, just smelt of “nothing”. I honestly have no other way to describe it!

I then tried a pair of sneakers that I wear basically every day…and again…NO SMELL after using the Stink Boss.


Who doesn’t need the STINK taken out of their favorite running shoes, sports gear or boxing gloves?  Here’s one more video on their website that tells the StinkBOSS story through a mom’s eyes.

You can use code “POWERCAKES” for $25 off and free shipping at [StinkBoss.com].

Thank you StinkBOSS for partnering up & saving our shoe rack & my gym bag from all the stankkk.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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