Side Squats [Power Plates Challenge!]

February 12, 2014 -
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Hello all! Hope your week is going great! I had a great time last night at the Hear Me Roar event in Pittsburgh! More on that tomorrow for sure – can’t wait to fill you in!

We’ve got Side Squats for today’s POWER PLATES CHALLENGE!


Side step with your plates & add in a squat!

  • Make sure to keep the weight back in your HEELS.
  • Push up through the glutes, hamstrings, & heels!
  • Keep your chest up & use your arms to balance you out.
  • Don’t be afraid to open those knees a bit and go a bit below parallel!
  • Just make sure to control the movements & keep control.
  • You can either move back & forth or actually move across the room.

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Try 4 rounds of 10 on each leg! You can do it!

These are a great way to increase leg strength, work the whole body, & get your heart rate up.

Don’t forget you can still join in!Untitled

Jessica, LOVED your post! As well as all of the other posts as well – these comments are the reason we are doing this! Trying new things and working to challenge ourselves!

I’m off to work on some new business ideas- guys, I’m SO EXCITED. I have a big launch coming hopefully in March or April – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and now finally am getting close! It has a lot to do with personal training & YOU all!

More on that soon – working hard on that behind the scenes over here.


Happy Wednesday!


Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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