Saddle Forearm Mount Winner & Workout Video!

April 2, 2014 -
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hey all! Happy Wednesday! How are you?

Yesterday between clients, teaching, & training the tennis athletes – I had about 40 minutes to relax & reboot the bod while taking in the MUCH needed sunshine! Amen!

We went from a snowy weekend to a 75(ish) degree day so I was in heaven. Had my Honest Tea by my side….but, long leggings were a not so good choice. I was a bit TOASTY so say the least – but, I am not complaining! I am thanking Mother Nature for yesterday’s gorgeous day!

I was also asked what shoes these were and they are the Under Armour Women [Micro Manza Shoe]!


With a day like yesterday, it just keeps my hopes up that more running can be done outdoors now! As many of you know from last weeks post, My friends at DigiFit sent me their Saddle Forearm Mount to review & are offered one lucky reader a chance to win one as well!

I was able to give it a go with doing a usual workout I would incorporate throughout the week. I did some shoulder strength & body weight exercises. I also worked on some PIT moves for the Civilian Military Combine Event coming up on May 17th! Click [HERE] to join our team and run with us!!

Friday keep an eye out for all of our Training Tips to get prepped for the big race! We’ve put together videos to help!

Speaking of videos – below is a sample of a workout from yesterday. I did some overhead press, shoulder taps, & burpee over the box.

Saddle Forearm Mount Workout Review

I really liked the way the Saddle can mount on your forearm. The only thing I would’ve done differently (which I ended up changing half way through my workout) was running my headphone cord under my tank top strap so it wouldn’t hang down in front of me. Once I made this change – I was good to go!

I also really liked having it for taking a run outdoors. Not only was it great for checking my map of my run to see how far I went – but also for an easier way to flip through the music I had on my phone. It’s a simple concept, just like a watch, to be able to look right down to your wrist and have all of your info in an easy view point.

A big thank you to Digifit for offering this giveaway.  I wanted to say CONGRATS Kerri for being chosen to have her own Saddle Forearm Mount!


Kerri, I want to tell you that you deserve to have ALL of the confidence in the world to get out there and enjoy your run! Just taking that step to go outdoors in run is such a GREAT accomplishment and don’t let yourself tell yourself otherwise. You may be inspiring people all around you without even realizing it by just doing what you enjoy! You go girl!

Please e-mail me with your address. Thank you!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! I’m off to a client meeting & then training with the tennis kiddos!

Also you can use coupon Powercakes For $5 off a Saddle until April, 13th!


Be true to you & OWN your confidence, you deserve it!

xo Kasey