“Rhode”Trip Part [Two] with a special guest & Nutiva Foods Winner!

July 2, 2014 -
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Happy Wednesday all! It’s a beautiful day here & I’ve got some fun things planned (hint hint filming new workouts for an upcoming project!) to spend this birthday eve night. First wanted to say CONGRATS to the Nutiva Foods Giveaway Winner.

nutiva foods giveaway @powercakes

Miss Anastacia, please email me Kasey@Powercakes.net to receive your prize!


Thank you everyone who entered & thank you to Nutiva Foods for their generosity! Today we’ve got Part [TWO] from our “Rhode”-Trip with mister Corey & a special guest – my soul sister Heather Waxman! You just can’t keep us away from each other.

Saturday morning we were up & out early so they could do construction on the apartment, so we grabbed breakfast at a local place! Have I told you how much I love iced coffee?

photo 1

Especially when it’s in super cute mason jar mugs.

photo 2

Breakfast was an omelet stuffed with roasted veggies & goat cheese, side of more veggies, & whole wheat toast. I did want to mention yesterday that just incase you’ve missed it, I have been introducing gluten back into my eats in moderation & it all seems to be good! I found that with myself, over-doing too much of any type of food, usually creates some type of reaction so I just stay in tune with the way my body reacts and it’s all good! #betruetoyou

photo 3

The boy got this “Ham-O-Cado” which was basically a ham breakfast sandwich with avocado – it looks super pretty now but the presentation didn’t last too long! ha, it turned into a fork/knife kind of breakfast.

We fueled up before hitting the beach for the afternoon….still can’t get over how I can type that! Throughout all my years in PA, I couldn’t wait to get to the ocean for vacation and now having it so close to where Corey is, is super exciting.

photo 4

After the beach we swung by the grocery store where I found one of my favorite foods EVER….


OMG @StuftMama would be just as pumped since we both are obsessed with this squash & I can never find it in PA! Rhode Island – you are my hero.

Later on, I met Heather & her friend Becky, at The Grange! Heather’s always told me such amazing things about this place that I couldn’t wait to try it out.

photo 5

CHEERS to a girl’s night!


Love these two & I almost loved my dinner just as much as I love these ladies.


Maple Mustard Cornmeal Tempeh over lentils & mashed potatoes. TO DIE FOR.


So good that we needed to get pictured together.


It was also the day before Heather’s birthday so I brought her some tank top surprises. She was pumped, can’t you tell?


The Grange is also attached to a gluten free bakery so I had to snag some chocolate chip cookies to take back for Corey & I. Totally hit the spot!

The next morning was my last morning there until August so Corey & I went to a local park to walk. Again, by the water = happy Kasey.

photo 111

Rocks surrounded the lake so we took a few minutes just to take it all in.


Water, how I love youuuu.


rockin’ the UA Micro G Pulse Running Shoes while posting up on the rocks. Speaking of views, my flight home I caught this gorgeous image as we flew by the sun.



I hate to sound like a broken record, but this earth is truly amazing. Just taking in all of these moments really makes you appreciate what is around you. I hope you guys have a great day and get ready for a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY coming up tomorrow for the big 2-5!!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

What was a moment lately that you just stopped & enjoyed your surroundings?