Resolution Reset. [New Year New Me vs New Year New Mindset.]

January 11, 2021 -
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Reset. A word I often use in my training & with my clients.

I find myself using it whenever a client loses their balance and may get frazzled or frustrated….my cue is always “reset”.

Breath & reset.

What an awesome parallel to our every day life, especially in this new year?

Instead of focusing so much on changing ourselves or being a “new you”, just be you, but reset each time we feel off our path.

My face when someone says “new year, new me”….


 vs when they say “new year, same me, new mindset.”


Before we make a comment, reset.

Before we judge, reset.

Before we assume, reset.

Before you speak, reset.

Before we give up on ourselves, reset.

Before we quit, reset.

As much as we make resolutions for the way we look, let’s reset, and see which area of our lives we can improve on more.

Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what we want to change, what if we reset, look in the mirror face to face and see what we can improve on in our mind and our actions.

Resetting is a beautiful word & tool we can use in our day to day.

When it comes to goals in our new year, what area can we reset with?

For me, focusing more on myself has been a HUGE reset moment that will launch us forward.

Breathing, reading, resting, and taking care of my body are on my list to continue to reset with and I wanted to share some awesome products that can help YOU in 2021 focus on YOU.

Let’s start in the morning, shall we?


I’m a coffee girl and enjoy my daily brew. A way to boost my brew? Collagen peptides, by Physicians Choice!


I’ve used Collagen for years and for good reason as collagen is essentially the glue of the human body.

It’s contained in the middle layer of our skin and is responsible for how our skin looks and feels while also in our muscles, joints, hair and skin.

One of the main concerns with collagen has been that it isn’t easily absorbed by the body But with Physician’s Choice, they use DigeSEB, which are clinically proven digestive enzymes to help ensure that your body can readily absorb and get the collagen to where it needs to go. How cool!?


They are tasteless and dissolve perfectly in my coffee coaches mug! ;]

On the gut health topic, a daily probiotic is always on my list.


The Physicians Choice Women’s Probiotic is formulated for women’s health with clinically proven ProCran to help restore digestive balance.

ProCran is a potent, pure powder made from cranberry extract which is an effective accompaniment to D-Mannose in helping prevent UTIs.

Together these can help support healthy digestion , seasonal immune support, & boosting immune system. 

For you! Use Coupon Code: NEWYEAR25 for 25% Off Sitewide. Does not apply to bundles or Subscriptions. Valid 1/1/21 thru 2/28/21.


Next, let’s chat habits. Which can truly make or break our goals, right?


Insert The Habit Trip book which is a A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose by Author Sarah H. Coomer who is s a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a Prenatal Fitness Specialist with the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. 


The book helps you analyze your habits relating to sleep, fitness, relationships, money, spirituality and more, and then with clever prompts and light fill-in writing tasks, you determine which steps to take. I LOVE this concept!!


Little steps but BIG leaps forward. This motivating book will help you look deep into your habits & help bring joy in all areas of your life. I think it’s so important to focus in on the little things we do day in and day out that can help guide us to a more powerful path for ourselves.


Let’s chat nutrition….HIYO! Let’s make 20201 about nourishing our bodies, creating balance, & enjoying to fuel ourselves.

An easy way to do this? Meal delivery services!


Recently we tried Veestro! Seriously I’ve become a HUGE fan of…everything…being delivered right to my door, can you feel me!? Especially in 2020, it was my jam. 


Veestro was started by brother and sister team Mark and Monica who grew up in Costa Rica. Growing up, they ate mostly plant-based meals as vegetables and fruits were abundant so they decided to bring these 100% plant based meals to your front porch!


I don’t eat 100% plant based but their ingredients are legit and you just HEAT & EAT!


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Y’all….let’s chat self care not only with food, reading, & gut health….but who out there is in NEED of a pedicure!?

Whelp, let’s bring these results to YOU with Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair.


You can ask my mom (lol) how my “soccer feet” have always been a topic of conversation. After every soccer season, my mom would get me a pedicure to help bring my feet back to life. 

Enter Kerasal Foot Repair! This stuff is amazing & has visible results in 1 day!! For real, I took one for the team and experimented on myself.

I put it on one heel, put a comfy sock on for the night, & woke up with visible results.


I show mostly everything on this blog, but there was something about getting a “good shot” of my dry heels that made me feel like I really have shown it all now, LOL.


So here it is! Hey, I’m on my feet for a living and know I’m not alone with this. There were NOTICEABLE results on the heel that I treated versus the heel that I didn’t.


This is an exfoliating moisturizer that is clinically proven to hydrate/moisturize dry feet while exfoliating away dead skin. 

Now let’s move to the hands with Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair. 


This solution helps to improve the appearance of nail damage. This can come from a variety of conditions & help by reducing discoloration, smoothing the surface, normalizing thickness and hydrating the nail. 

This effective & clear formula will penetrate the nail to restore a healthy appearance whether you’re dealing with Nail Fungus, Nail Psoriasis, Aging Nails, or Gel Manicure Damage.

You can find these products easily on Amazon!

I hope you found some new ways to add into your Resolution Reset for 2021. Always here to help you guys & help YOU take care of YOU. A message I am really trying to hit home with myself as well.

Love you all & be true to you,

Xo Kasey



photos by my girl Mikayla @the.photographygirls