Banana Power Ice-Cream

Scoop of Sunwarrior protein powder,

1/2 frozen banana, 

coconut milk & xanthan gum
(to make it extra thick!)

*All mixed in my MAGIC BULLLET

-One of my favorite ways to use protein powder!!

3 responses to “Banana Power Ice-Cream”

  1. Erin Landers says:

    How much coconut milk and xanthan gum do you use?

  2. Sounds awesome, I might try and replace the xanthan gum though with something else, I am always on the look out for pre-diabetes recipes that are healthy, this sounds perfect.

  3. adeline says:

    you can also just freeze the banana and ass the protein powder plus coconut milk in food processor and it turns out like ice cream I do that with my son with out the protein powder.

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