CHIA Applesauce

In my house; we always buy “unsweetened” Apple Sauce
& I use it in a lot of my baking!!

But the other day I was craving a good PowerCake
& I thought of putting Apple into the batter;
Then I saw the massive amount of CHIA SEEDS I now have
thanks to GNC, FitFluential, & Kelly Olexa (#livewellNOW) ;]

So I thought I’d make some 
CHIA APPLESAUCE to top a Basic PowerCake!
To start;
cut up an
Sprinkle with
Cinnamon & ground Cloves
(or any spices!)
a Splash of Vanilla
& 1/4 cup Water
*Microwave for 2 minutes
in a microwave safe bowl
Then stir in;

& 1 or 2 packets of STEVIA

(or any sweetener of your choice!)
Then I put that mix into my Magic Bullet Cup
& “Pulsed” the mix for about 20-30 seconds until
smooth but chunky ;]

 *I liked mine chunky so I didn’t mix it as long
*You could also make it “smoother”
by adding more water & mixing it more!
 *It was SO YUMMY!

I ate it warm on top of a Basic Cinnamon PowerCake
with a little Peanut Fluff & small amount of Pure Maple Syrup!
for an awesome Sunday Brunch! ;]

 *You could also let it sit in the Fridge 
and it would get even more thick & delicious!