Do you #pushback against your fears?

May 13, 2018 -
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Happy weekend & MOTHER’S DAY to all of you amazing Mothers out there!!!

I hope you’re having an awesome one.

Unfortunately our weather here is a bit cloudy and rainy but the warmer temps are making up for it! I’m so pumped it’s getting closer to summer!


the beach is my happy place

Today I wanted to share with you something that keeps popping up within my week. Often times I come across a quote that fits into my life at THE perfect time.

 “I want to get more comfortable
being uncomfortable.
I want to get confident being uncertain.
I don’t want to shrink back
just because something isn’t easy.
I want to push back,
and make more room in the area
between I can’t & I can.” 

IMG_0368 (1)
Every new situation towards your goals where you get those anxious butterflies is another opportunity to grow & gain experience on your path.

Whether it’s with myself or watching my clients have these moments … they never fail to cause growth.

I often see client’s or even myself, look at a new challenge and instantly think “I can’t” … and usually in THAT moment is where the magic happens.

They can run further than they thought, they can do more push-ups than they originally thought, they can lift heavier than they originally thought…it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing to witness.

Even for myself…if I get asked to speak, host, or lead something I sometimes go right to doubt like, why me? And then I have to #pushback against that thought & route into my passion that I am meant to help others and I CAN do this.

Go after what you think you can’t do….and about 100% of the time…you CAN do it.

As a trainer, watching a client accomplish something they once thought they couldn’t do is exactly why I do what I do.

So, I just felt that I needed to get on here & type it out and hopefully this hits home with someone.

I hope next time you think you can’t do something or your faced with a new challenge in life, you #PUSHBACK against that fear and go for it.

You will learn something about yourself every single time.

Have an awesome start to your week, friends!

xo Kasey


Share below if you’ve had a #PUSHBACK moment! You never know who you will inspire.

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7 responses to “Do you #pushback against your fears?”

  1. Miamia16 says:

    I recently found your blog and Love it! Very inspiring…Thanks for sharing…I am having some issues with my weight and tried almost anything. I wonder, have you ever or anyone in the audience try this?
    Thanks, all advices are more than welcome!

  2. erin says:

    Ive tried so many thing to help, this by far has been the best thing ever……..

  3. Ray says:

    Hey Kasey,

    Awesome blog, my wife and I recently started a new diet/workout routine. Keep up the good work!

    For any of your readers, people are losing 1 pound every 72 hours with this…

  4. Elisabeth says:


    This is a really good read. It’s so important to be able to sit with discomfort, accept it and become stronger as a result. And if we practise this in many aspects of our life, we because stronger in so many areas. I try and use this approach in my life as much as possible and I find that affirmations really help a lot to keep your mind focused on this aim of pushing forward a d being strong. I ‘ve been turning to the Buddhist teachings of Pema Chondron, who teaches a lot about how to be with uncomfortable feelings and I find this approavn so so helpful. Also their are some really good YouTube videos for affirmations, one channel called ThomasHall and I also love Buddha at the Gas Pump. If anyone else knows any good YouTube channel in the areas of affirmations and mindfulness, please share!

    Thank you,

  5. am elsa says:

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  6. Nishant says:

    Hello Kasey, I really like your blog and I think it can benefit many people! Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. People are having success lossing belly with this-

  7. Manav Vij says:

    Amazing Piece of Information and Motivation.

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