#PP Purely Twins Top 6 Plant Based Ingredients

October 6, 2012 -
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Morning all!

Today’s #PLANTPOWER Theme is PURPLE!
Why not try some plums, blackberries, roasted beets, or grapes!?

Today is my future sister in laws

So while I’m a busy bee today, some of my favorite TWINS are going to take over!

Hello friends, we are Lori and Michelle, twins who write for the blog

We are so honored that Kasey and Heather asked us to be apart of their #plantPower October challenge!
We are no strangers to plant based foods. As our diet is made up of mostly fresh fruits and veggies.

But there are so many great plant-based foods out there and we love making recipes with them!
We love creating new recipes all the time. There is so much more you can do
besides always making a salad, trust us we love our salads but we also feel food can be expressed in so many other yummy ways!

We get excited for all different produce seasons
(especially figs which we have an obsession with when they are in season)
because each season we get to enjoy yummy plant based foods
, like fruits in the summer and squashes/pumpkins in the winter, when they taste the freshest!

In going along with Kasey and Heather’s #plantPOWER October challenge,
we put together a list of a few staples that we always make sure we have on hand that are not your average perishable produce.

1) coconut oil and coconut butter – best things in the world, literally.
anyone else take spoonfuls of coconut butter start from the jar?

2) avocado – great to make sweet or savory recipes.
Avocado with a little lemon or lime juice makes the perfect salad dressing.

3) hemp protein – great to add extra protein to raw desserts, snacks, and baked goods –
check out our hemp protein thin mints and hemp protein cakes and hemp muffins.

4) dark leafy greens – we love our dark leafy greens! they are great in smoothies
and perfect for avocado wilted veggie packed salads. Greens are full of so many great benefits.

5) Sauerkraut – a great way to enjoy cabbage and a natural source of probiotics.
And it is so easy to make check out our video of making kraut.

6.) garbanazo beans – if looking for an easy healthy flatbread, check out socca! Naturally gluten free and vegan!

Oh the list could go on, but we will stop there! We love our plant-based foods!

As we like to say, “Fueled by plants!”

Thanks Kasey and Heather for putting on this great challenge!


Lori and Michelle


Thank you so much girls for sharing!
These twins constantly inspire me to try new recipes!