Turning a not-so-good day into a positive one.

January 24, 2019 -
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Hello my friends! Does anyone else feel like this dang full moon eclipse just came up and smacked them across the face with a frying pan?

HA FOR REAL THOUGH my Monday was strike after strike, and just when I thought I struck out with strike 3, strike 4 happend like a WHAMMY.

Now before you think — ok Kasey, stop complaining…I hear you, I do! This will end with a “lesson learned” for sure, don’t you worry.

I think it’s good to come on here & talk about my #ImHuman moments because not everything is butterflies and rainbows, y’all.

Let’s start out with the morning:

1) We hit negative temperatures here in New England which meant everything was frozen solid, even our lock box for the gym where I train some of my clients.

I tried blowing on the box for 20 minutes (got super light headed in the process), sprayed a bunch of hand sanitizer that my girl Cass had in her car thinking the alcohol would help..and no luck.

A few busted nails later, we eventually got in thanks to a Property Manager swinging by and got in our training sesh — woo!

2) I got a call from the Vet that Kita has a parasite going on in her tummy. We knew she had some signs but it was confirmed yesterday (she’ll be ok and has been ok!), so I ran out to grab her prescription.


3) After getting back, I realized I locked my apartment keys in the apartment. GO ME!

4) I then had to find my husband at his job on Campus and retrieve our second pair of keys.

5) Around 6pm I literally said out-loud…I need a win today! 

6) Around 6:30 I was with my small group client’s and got a text/phone call from one of my soccer girls (thank you Tess!) saying,

“KASE! I think your Instagram got hacked!”.

I was like whatttttt this can’t be?

Sure enough, I log into my email and see multiple notifications that my email, username, & password have all been changed.

Thank goodness there is a “invert this” button you can hit to state this ISN’T YOU and I went in and changed all of my passwords and got my account back.

Let’s just say that I was exhausted last night when my head finally hit the pillow (to watch some Bachelor) and fill Corey in on the day.

Here’s the thing….I had a lot of strikes yesterday, but at the end of the day, everyone is healthy & happy so these small speed bumps are not road blocks in my week.

We got into the gym, my dog will be fine, I got back into the apartment, & got my Instagram back…but if my Instagram got deleted…it’s really NOT the end of the world.


It almost became comical with “what else could go wrong” which you should never ask anyway – right? haha but for real…one of my girl’s (Kelly) from our Rec Center said when she has days like this, she just thinks…things could be way worse and this too shall pass.


So if you had a “strike out” day like I did…know that tomorrow is a new day.

I’m blessed to have client’s that (don’t judge me haha) and were super supportive that whole day. I’m blessed to have a dog that we just adore. And I’m blessed to have a community on Instagram that I care about if I were to lose it.

See how easy we can swap our thought process?

I got a good night’s sleep and woke up, took a deep breath, and ready to take on Tuesday…ready for any curve ball that comes my way.

Have you ever learned a lesson from a day you had? What’s your best quote to remember in this situation?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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14 responses to “Turning a not-so-good day into a positive one.”

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  2. Jess says:

    What a healthy reminder to not give up on your day, and always find the win! And if all else fails, tomorrow is a fresh day for a reset. Thanks for this!

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  4. Mitch says:

    A good post. Yes, we all have at times a really bad day, and then we go to bed waking up feeling much better than the bad day before.

  5. Ed W says:

    So important to take things one day at a time. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do to give you a fresh outlook the next day. Thanks!

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  7. Malena says:

    A Great reminder to keep pushing! We all have these days and some stack on each other. A positive attitude and mindset can help push you through. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Dani Baker says:

    This is actually a really good reminder to understand that sometimes we take things to serious in life and we need to find gratitude for what we have. If we look back and think about things that happen in a different perspective we can actually be grateful for what we have out of life.

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