Pioneering a Powerful Life — My Keynote Speech at Slippery Rock University!

May 4, 2016 -
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Speaking is one of my favorite things to do….seriously, if you know me you know I love to talk.

I remember being in college speaking in front of my friends and peers in classes and thinking how that may be one of the most nerve racking situations to speak while all of your friends watch on.

I was also the girl who volunteered to be interviewed in front of all my college classmates by the local high school principal to work on our interview skills…talk about nervous.

And for years I taught students while I studied for Physical Education and was a physical education teacher for a short time…talk about working on getting everyone’s attention! ha!

All of these things may sound like someones worst nightmare but to me, they all prepared me to be comfortable in front of a room full of people.

To me…I get the same adrenaline rush teaching a group workout that I do speaking to a group of people…and lucky for me I had the chance to do BOTH in one hour while being a Keynote speaker at my alma mater.

A few months back I got an opportunity that was truly an honor.


I received an email from an amazing girl named Courtney who I’ve connected with through her now going to the same college that I went to..Slippery Rock University.

She asked if I would be interested in being the Keynote speaker at this year’s SRU PE Mini Convention that the school holds every year. In my time at Slippery Rock, I helped with mini convention so I knew what a big deal the convention is.

I was honored to be asked to speak.

While I was visiting home in PA I had a jammed pack week of events but when you’re so passionate about something — you give it everything you have.

Wednesday was my speech at Slippery Rock University & Thursday I led our 3rd annual BODYpeace workshop at my local high school (which will be tomorrow’s post).

This year the mini convention  had a theme about Pioneering Wellness and I took a powercake’s spin on it with Pioneering a Powerful Life.

I spoke a lot about listening to your gut, not trying to make others happy, and doing what lights you up every single day.

Right from there we headed into a workout where I got to teach while also instructing the class.


I wanted to help the current students and teacher’s with some new ideas for workouts, why I use certain movements together, & how they can utilize these exercises in their PE classes.



and of course brought out the good ol’ paper plates!

Connecting with my former student’s, classmates, teachers, & professors totally made my day.


It was so awesome to hear how I’ve had some part of inspiring them on their journey’s. To me, that is the most amazing compliment I can ever receive.

Thank you all for being a light in my life not just for that day, but being a part of my journey as well. It meant to much to have this opportunity and the support felt so amazing.

Go Rock! & thank you for having me back!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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  1. That’s so awesome to be chosen as the keynote speaker! Even better that you love doing that kind of stuff. Major props!

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