paleo bread, dippy eggs, and baba-gaNOOCH

September 4, 2012 -
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Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend
and are enjoying your long break! Winking smile

Today mister Coreycakes & I had a great #FitFluential chest/shoulder/tricep workout
where I, of course, took my GNC BCAA’s mixed with some green tea in  my shaker bottle
before, during, & after my workout!


along with the addition of my GNC Glutamine
powder afterwards to promote muscle recovery!
speaking of muscles; the veins came out to play todayyy.
today was higher reps/lighter weight
which I liked switching it up because it’s important to keep your body guessing!
*definitely had my pre-workout meal of a RAINBOW!
courtesy of chef Corey! I knowwww; I’m spoiled.
but I promise I don’t MAKE him do this!Winking smile

*My post workout meal was 1/2 a yam with cinnamon,
roasted broccoli, & egg whites with dill, spinach, & pepper!

As much as I LOVE my healthy fats,
I stuck with mainly carbs & protein
to refuel those muscles right after my work out!

I have to admit it’s pretty awesome
when I have time to make some decent #POWERMEALS
throughout the day during the weekend!
And it also helps when your boyfriend enjoys cooking
and we can collaborate on our #POWERMEALS in the kitchen!

Corey can cook a mean salmon with dill
so we paired that up with some roasted brocollini & asparagus
(350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes with coconut oil)
and some homegrown tomatoes from his house with some raw mushrooms!

There is nothing like a fresh homegrown tomato!!
Corey had some steak & veggies!
he’s currently 3 weeks out from his bodybuilding show
so I interviewed him last night for an upcoming VLOG! Winking smile
we’re cool, I know.

Some other eats from the weekend;
*Tilapia “fried” in coconut oil on medium heat on the stove, raw peppers, & avocado!
*a huge #POWERBOWL of rainbow raw veggies, avocado, & salmon “fried” in coconut oil with dill!
I’m quite possibly obsessed with DILL on EVERYTHING – especially EGGS…

ohh would you look at that?!
Papacakes always made our eggs like this when we were little;
so I’ve always loved dill and DIPPY EGGS!

And what makes it even better???

Butttttt ever since I’ve cut out gluten for the last 2 years,
I haven’t eaten that much “bread” – even the gluten free kind.
but there are days where I want something to dip into my dippy eggs..

Enter the PALEO BREAD!
I saw it on Instagram the other day & decided to buy it.

I bought it from
Now I have to tell you, the bread is good,
but it does take a long time because they bake it fresh and then ship it,
& it’s a little pricey but that’s what you’ll get when you order a quality bread!

So it won’t be an every week purchase for me
but I bought a few loaves to keep in the freezer!

*I was craving an egg sandwich;
which was a HUGE staple meal in our house growing up!
quick & easy & oh so good!

So on this POWERCAKES version of an egg sandwich I added
3 egg white & 1 egg omelet on some kalamata olives (my addiction)
some tomato, & some BABA-gaNOOCH thanks to my girl Felicia!

The next day I couldn’t get enough to I had another POWER-EGG Sandwich
with toasted paleo bread, kale, baba-gaNOOCH, sundried tomatoes, & dippy eggs!

I ate these open faced with a side of organic dill pickles.

It’s safe to say I’m loving the sandwich combos
but of course I’ve come up with some good sweet ones as well
that I WILL be sharing! they deserve their own post.

And I’m also LOVING this baba-gaNOOCH recipe!
It’s basically a bean-less hummus made from Eggplants
with the addition of NUTRITIONAL YEAST!
another huge staple in my pantry!

You’ve got to try it out!! Winking smile

What was your favorite POWERMEAL of this weekend!?

Do you eat bread? If so, what’s your favorite SANDWICH combo?