Outrun Doubt

July 28, 2020 -
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This post is sponsored by Zappos but as always, all opinions are my own.

Oh hey there, it’s me! Just thought I’d reintroduce myself since I’m, quite frankly, a very different version of Kasey than I was 4 months ago. 


Kasey 2.0? Or maybe 3.0 at this point. I did just turn the big 3-1 so maybe Kasey 3.1? 

I digress.

I’ve tried typing my “comeback blog post” about 1,000 times over the last 4 months and kept hitting delete.

I have so much to say & share yet had such a disconnect to my own goals, to my own keyboard, & to my own voice.


Photos by my girl @the.photographygirls

I’ve always loved blogging & Instagram for the connection, communication, inspiration, & having a place to share my story in hopes of helping others because when people show #realness, we’re comfortable to relate with them & feel not alone.

I’ve struggled with, “does anyone want to hear what I have to say?” which in the end, is self-doubt in my own voice.


Comparing myself to others which in the end only blocked my own creativity from flowing.

I saw a quote a few weeks back that stated “inconsistency in something

= doubt in ourselves.” 

Think about how many times we are inconsistent with something?

Whether it be fitness, business related, or maybe a relationship.


What fuels that inconsistency? Doubt in ourselves.


Doubt can feel like a 20lb med ball sitting on our shoulder, weighing us down from our own highest self.down from our own highest self.


Doubt that we’ll make a difference, doubt that we’ll make a change, doubt that my little (but loud) voice won’t be heard, doubt that my own personal struggles couldn’t help anyone else if I share them, doubt that even though I work to make a difference “behind the scenes” it won’t show, and afraid of what others would say if I share my story.

Then I think back…Kasey, how many times have you proven all of these wrong though in the last 10 years? Yet still held myself back?


I know that the last few months have been tough for everyone.

We are all human & we all can relate to this sense of the unknown.

For me personally, anything out of my control would spark my anxiety from a super young age.

When I started having this feeling again in March, when everything was taken away and I was left with just my thoughts, I got frustrated that my 31 year old self was feeling this way again.

Different doubting thoughts circulated my brain…”You should be over this by now…you’re 31!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t “need to be over this”, but I did need to get help.


I started with a Therapist, that supported me so much to reach out to Doctors and specialists for an existing injury that I had been putting over for years, which then led to tests done that needed to be run and finally a PLAN OF ACTION to start taking care of myself.


I want to FEEL good. I want to be able to teach my classes, share with my audience, & train my clients with POWER, not feeling broken.

When I finally reached out for help and got on a plan, my doubt started to shed away.

I can do this.

I’ve always been able to do this.

I just needed some help. 

Well, here’s my accountability post to get back in it, and show up as me.


When I finally looked in the mirror, what I saw was someone who needed to step up for herself, not judge herself, ask for help, GET help, get a team of therapists & specialists (hiii @sambrownstrength you rock so much) to coach and teach me, & create a comeback that no one saw behind the scenes.

This is just the opening to many stories I want to share, & I’ve been slapped in the face right & left with SIGNS that it’s time to show up with my keyboard & my own voice.

I have plans to outrun my doubt.


Getting outside with MOVEMENT has been key to clear my mind to open space for my ideas.


I recently got a pair of Kayano27 Asics from Zappos and I’ve been loving them for runs, walks, & being in/out of the gym with clients. 

I’ve also been loving them as a training shoe for cross training and tossing some med balls around, as you can see.


I’ve always loved Asics for their comfort and their technology and Zappos for their awesome options and customer experience.

I ended up ordering a “wide” and I was nervous because I tend to go with narrow options. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort & extra support I feel even with the wide option.


I ordered an 8.5 which is my normal shoe size, and these were very true to size.


So what’s in the works you might ask?

LIVE instagrams (true to you chats, anyone!?) with guests that I can’t wait to chat with, more content that comes from my heart and passion like it always has, & more just showing up as me.

So here I am. The comeback is happening…and it may have to happen again and again, but that’s ok.

Let’s do this y’all.

Be true to you,

Xo Kasey