VEGA #ONECHANGE Launch & Giveaway! [11 Days Of Giveaways]

January 15, 2014 -
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hey all! Happy Wednesday!! You all are ROCKIN’ these 11 Days Of Giveaways & seeing so much participation totally pumps me up. 

Incase you’ve missed the last TWO giveaways- check out the [$50 Shopping Spree] & [So Delicious Dairy Free Product Giveaway] by clicking those links!

Any chance I get to retweet your entries – I do! So if you’re following me on Twitter, sorry not sorry for taking up your whole news feed.

I don’t think it’s any surprise that I am a huge fan of VEGA products. Not only am I a fan of their ingredients, but I am a huge fan of their company! Everything I chat with them on the phone or e-mail it’s apparent that we both share the passion to help others & inspire.

One of the ways that VEGA is helping others this year is by launching their new campaign #ONECHANGE for the New Year!

The other day I came home to this awesome package on my front porch…

It was similar to opening up a Pop Up Birthday Card!

Maybe I should think about changing my middle name to Powercakes? I kinda like it.

And the pop up message inside the water bottle? LOVE.

Basically the VEGA #ONECHANGE program lays out certain dietary struggles that people may deal with. For example, the Breakfast Skipper;

I will be 100% honest – this USUALLY looks like me as I’m running out the door (minus the high heels since I’m usually rockin’ tennis shoes.) I guess you could also add like 2 gym bags & a bottle of water in the other hand.

One of my biggest tips that I tell my clients is to make a smoothie (like this Blueberry Lemon Tar VEGA Smoothie) the night before & have it ready to go in the morning for when you’re sprinting walking out the door in the am!

Personally, I am not a breakfast skipper since right when I wake up in the morning I am HUNGRYYY & making a meal is one of the first things I do. BUT I know plenty of people who WANT to eat breakfast but often end up skipping which leaves them starving by lunch.

I am all for a great start to your day but if you tend to not have time – VEGA has got you covered!   I bring along packets of their Nutritional One shake with me for after a workout if I make 40 stops before I get home to have a meal. You know those times when you leave the gym and then stop at the grocery store… walking around & shopping with your eyes for a good 30 minutes searching for new fun food products… then all of the sudden your stomach is eating itself? #guilty

VEGA ONE Shake totally comes in handy in these situations as well. Reasons why I love it on the to help my stomach from eating itself;

One of my other favorite products – the VEGA ONE bars! These are great on the go & have a permanent place in my book-bag. Because fact is that yes, I am 24 years old and travel with a book-bag everywhere.

Ready for an awesome announcement? 

My friends at VEGA are offering SIX readers a chance to win either 1 tub of Vega One Shake OR 1 box of VEGA ONE Bars

That is 3 tubs of Nutritional One Shake & 3 Boxes of VEGA ONE Bars up for grabs! Hiyo!

The Flavors of the Tubs include;


Vanilla Chai


Natural Flavor (still a sweet undertone – just no distinct flavor)



The VEGA ONE Bar Flavors Include:

Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Cherry

Double Chocolate


How To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below letting us know which flavor or VEGA ONE Nutritional Shake and VEGA ONE Bar Flavors you would like to win!
    *Please let us know a flavor or each so if your name gets chosen we know which one you’d like to receive! 
Optional Extra Entries:
  • Tweet about this giveaway! “I am entering to win the @VegaTeam #ONECHANGE Shake & Bar Giveaway via @Powercakes at”
  • Repost my Instagram Image on Instagram to let others know about the giveaway! Make sure to please include @Powercakes & @Vega_Team On Instagram with the hashtag #ONECHANGE
  • You will have until Monday, January 27th to enter ALL of the 11 Giveaways!
  • This giveaway is open to US & Canada Residents.
  • GOOD LUCK! :]
You can find VEGA on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook to stay connected & show your #ONECHANGE for the New Year!

I always talk with my clients about not jumping into 7104289 changes at a time towards their health & fitness goals – It’s so important to take on one goal at a time! Those small changes will totally add up in the end and it can be a much more enjoyable experience.

It’s not always about “restricting” or taking away anything with your change – it’s more of embracing something new or trying something new to take you one step closer to your OWN goal! #betruetoyou

xo, Kasey

*VEGA provided the awesome package but of course my opinions are my own! #betruetoyou