June 7, 2018 -
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Hiiiiiii friends!! I’m BACK! Literally….like, back in town for AT-LEAST 2 weeks before I’m on the road (or in the air) again!

Just to do a really quick recap of the last 3 weeks (before my longer one comes in my next post)…

I traveled to Chicago thanks to my friends at NOW Foods to be a part of their AWESOME FitFluential Immersion before heading right to Pittsburgh to celebrate one of my best-friends Bridal shower (Kaitlin).


From Pittsburgh, headed back to the Ocean State before my family came to visit us just a few short days later for Memorial Day Weekend!


From there, I headed back to Pittsburgh the next weekend to celebrate another one of my best-friends & bride-to-be, Sarah!


And here we are today!

I’m a bit tired and scatter-brained but WE OUT HERE FAM!

About to kick off my summer training with my clients/athletes before we head back to PA for our 2 week yearly vaca (which includes 1 wedding, IDEA WORLD & BLOGFEST, our 2 year Anniversary, my 29th birthday (whatttt!?), & finishes with a Bachelorette weekend with some of my favorite girls for my friend Sarah.

As you see – my planner is a bit FILLED but honestly, so is my heart.

It’s pretty amazing to have these experiences to look forward to and be surrounded by good friends & family.


Today we’re chatting all about my NOW FOODS trip to Chicago & in the next post you’ll see some fun recaps of my family/friends visits!

Let me start off by saying that the NOW team is truly like my family. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people.

We have total respect for one another & the way they truly care about their customers & their team is pretty amazing.

Every year they host an Immersion (which I attended a few years back) and I still talk about it to this day. It is such an incredible experience to tour the facility, meet the whole NOW team, & hear all of the stories of this 50 year company.

This year, I was brought out as one of the leaders of a few of the sessions & I was so honored!

I came in a day early to shoot some content for a fun project coming up soon on their social media.


The next day, I got up early to head to a SPENGA class!

My friend who I met a few summers ago at the Todd Durkin Mentorship, Amy, is the co-founder of SPENGA (SPin, strENgth, & yoGA).


I told her when I met her that next time I was in Chicago I’d TOTALLY be at one of her studios..and the best part was, she SUBBED the class so I got to experience her amazing energy.

You start with 20 minutes on the bike, then move to 20 minutes of strength, & then finish with 20 minutes of yoga.


It is a genius concept and the studios are BEAUTIFUL. If you’re in the Chicago area, check out their locations!!


Later in the afternoon, I was back at the Hotel & the Influencers arrived from all over the US for the NOW Immersion.

We had a welcome dinner where I was able to do a cooking demo (in a DREAM kitchen!) with my Protein Donuts recipe for the whole group.


It really was like living my little Food Network dream and I loved every second of it.


This may be one of my best recipes I’ve ever created (insert dancing around the kitchen after I tasted them) and YOU can totally get it by downloading the NOW Foods 50 Twenty Minute Recipes E-BOOK on Taste For Life!


My Chocolate protein donuts along with recipes that myself and other bloggers created are JAM packed in this e-book.


After the cooking demo, we did an awesome IRON CHEF Challenge using all NOW ingredients.


My team ended up winning with our Pancake based “avocado toast”.


SO FUN! We enjoyed dinner & drinks before heading off to bed and waking up early for my group fitness class I got to teach!


I did a TABATA style class (I love teaching this here locally as well!) and everyone CRUSHED IT!! So much fun energy.


After that we made some post workout smoothies with NOW foods & learned about their protein line.


Check out those new labels!! ;] LOVE. The new organic plant based chocolate is SO good.

We got cleaned up for the day, we headed to the NOW HQ to take a tour, learn about the company & watch the scientist to their thanggggg.




Basically taking you on a tour with my still-images from my instagram stories!

It is just such an awesome experience to see where their products come from and how they take quality SERIOUS with their testing procedures. Their team is PASSIONATE… it makes me feel so good about being on this team and recommending their products to you all & my clients.


We finished the day with a DIY workshop with some of their body items & an awesome lunch before heading to the airport.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to NOW for not only having me on their team, but treating my like family.

Another perk of going on trips like these? Seeing these AMAZING fellow bloggers and friends! It’s just so cool to have connected with people from all over thanks to social media.

Miss @FittyKat_


Miss Kelly Olexa – LOVE seeing this woman!!


Love this girl @breathdeeplyandsmile


This quote just sums it up perfectly:




Thank you all for your support & NOW Foods for being so awesome.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey