New Power Circuit Workout For The New Year! [12/30]

December 30, 2013 -
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hey all! How is your Monday going? I am not going to lie, I keep losing track of what day it is! I swear Christmas felt like a Sunday and all of the sudden it’s Monday before the New Year! 

Traveled again but now visiting Corey’s family for the week! I’ve been loving me some car snacks lately with all of the driving we’ve been doing!

Loving these Punkin Cranberry Tortilla Chips from Way Better Snacks! Perfect combo of sweet & salty to go with any topping or by themselves!

Yesterday we spent the day at Corey’s Sisters with all of the fam. I swear she has THE comfiest couches & I couldn’t wait to relax with everyone & watch some Football (although my team isn’t moving on – cough cough Steelers get em’ next year cough cough). 

It was a perfect day to wear some UA lounge-ware! Corey’s wearing his new Under Armour Crew Hoodie that I got him for Christmas & I’ve got my flow top & snakey leggings that are perfect for working out or relaxing! So comfy.

This morning we went to the gym with Corey’s brother and I totally realized as we pulled in that I forgot my shoes…

I looked at Corey & said…um, I’m in boots.

And my shoes weren’t in the car – go me!

Nothing that a quick trip into the goodwill can’t fix – rocked a cute new pair of flat ked shoes! The gym is about 15 minutes away so driving back wasn’t an option & I think I would’ve been too warm in my boots – ha! Not every situation goes as planned but you make the best of it ;]

Anyway! I’ve got a big to do list which is super exciting full of New Content! Videos & recipes coming your way for the New Year & also some giveaways! A fun way to kick off an awesome 2014. My goal this year is to post more videos & thanks to my family & my new iPad – it can be done!

So why not kick off this week with a new Power Circuit Workout Video by yours truly – check it out below! The video explains the workout & demonstrates the moves!

3 Rounds

20 Overhead Push Press

50 Double Unders

20 Hand Release Push Ups

50 Bosu Torso Twists

Let me know how you do!! Make sure to keep proper form, control the movements, & challenge yourself! 

Changing those I can’t into I WILL this year – let’s do it!


XO Kasey



What’s your favorite care snack?

Do you have new goals for the New Year with your workouts!?



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