Kickstarter Campaign Feature: “NAMATSE” Yoga Mat Hanger

October 2, 2013 -
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Happy Wednesday everyone! As an Entrepreneur myself, I can totally relate to the hard work that goes into seeing your vision come to life. I know that when I started my journey over a year ago with my projects in the works, I assumed it wasn’t going to take as long as it actually does to get your vision where you want it to be. It takes hard work, dedication, & hours behind the scenes of your everyday life.

Whenever I get contacted by companies looking to launch a product, I do my research to really learn about the story behind where it came from. I am passionate about supporting others along their journeys. Whenever I see a company living the “Be True To You” motto as I do & being true to their vision, I am always happy to help!


Recently I heard about the “Namatse” product through my ladies at The Sweat Guru. The Namatse is the first yoga mat hanging solution designed for yogis to make cleaning, drying, storing, and even displaying your mats a breeze.


The story behind the design

Namatse was created by father-son duo Neal Margulis and Arden (age 6). Searching for an easy way to wash and dry their mats, they turned to the internet to help them find a product that fit their needs. Neal assumed there would be a variety of options, but came up empty-handed. After multiple attempts at improvising with everything from chip clips to hardware clamps, Neal and Arden decided to take matters into their own hands.

Neal is a tech geek who discovered yoga in Lake Tahoe, CA and never looked back. With the help of Arden his very creative and headstand inclined six year old son along with long time friend and amazing designer Greg Hayes, they developed the concept for Namatse.


Once reading about the product, I could relate & could see myself using this! I started thinking about how I treat my yoga mat & often times whenever mamacakes & I get back from yoga, we throw our mats over the railings (and then forget about them….) or we throw them over our bikes in the garage to “air out”.


The one time I rolled mine out in class after doing this and got a huge blast of a moldy smell in my face, & probably everyone who was deep breathing around me. My bad!


Stephanie, the lovely lady in the photos & video, is a San Francisco based yoga teacher and practitioner. Check her out She regularly practices yoga with Neal and Arden and became passionate about their project and is now part of the Namatse team.


She’s a beautiful dancer turned triathlete turned yogi who practices yoga like it’s her job and takes joy in teaching and giving yoga to the world.


A clean mat whenever you want it!

They state, “We don’t re-wear clothing we’ve sweated into over and over, but we often do the equivalent with mats. Just like leaving your stinky gym socks crumpled on the floor for weeks, storing a rolled up, dirty, sweaty, mat can leave mildew, stains, or funky smells. We want to rid the world of stinky, mildewy mats … forever! With a Namatse shower clip you’ll never have to worry about the hassle of washing and drying out your mat again. It makes hanging and cleaning your mat in the shower a breeze, and becomes a welcome reminder to do more yoga. What’s not to love about that?”

stephanie (1)

Will it work for my mat size?
-Yes! The Namatse clip is designed to work for all mat sizes, thick or thin.

How do I hang it?
-There are three ways to hang your Namatse clip:

  • Namatse quickly and easily mounts to your wall with no tools using the peel and stick 3-M Command Strips which are non-marking, extra durable 100% removable adhesives. 3-M sells versions that are available for your painted walls or for use in your shower.
  • Namaste includes a set of screws so that you can permanently attach your Namatse clip to a wall.
  • Also included is a traditional hanger loop that attaches to the clip so the hanging mat can be hung from a closet rod, over a door or even in the shower.


They stated,

“We hope to have those by mid October and then we can make the call on ordering the first production run. In parallel with the part, we are designing the packaging so that we can ship the parts without damaging them. The production and assembly should only take two weeks and we should be ready to ship the parts to the US by early November and then deliver them to you in December.”

Hm, just in time for the Holiday’s! Winking smile

If you’re interested in helping out this Kickstarter Campaign just head on over to this website & check out the backing donation options!

From one Entrepreneur Small Business Owner to another, I wish them so much luck along their journey!! Red heart 


Red heart Kasey