November 25, 2015 -
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Sometimes some of our favorite moments in life are paired with some of our greatest anxieties.


All of the years I struggled with eating disorders, holiday’s were my most anxious days. Not because I didn’t absolutely LOVE being with my family and being surrounded by all of our amazing eats (and our annual “no tweeting while we’re eating” bird)…but that I used to stress over calories, gaining weight, and losing “progress”.

Unfortunately when you’re in this mindset — until you GO THROUGH IT yourself — you may not be able to truly get over the fear.

Recovery (aka discovery) takes hard word, y’all. 

For example, I had to just give myself the permission to enjoy a nice meal with my family…embracing the comfort of being surrounded by good conversation and love, and after I was done eating, checking back in with myself and seeing that:

1) I still was alive.

2) I didn’t gain weight.

3) I didn’t lose any “progress” I had made.

4) I was still alive. Did I already say that?

If there is one thing I wish I could go back to my former self and say — it would be just to give myself permission to enjoy myself. It was almost like I was trapped in rules & restrictions in my head about food instead of just being present in the moment and intuitively eating the foods I chose.

When it comes to being more carefree – we are our own worst enemy,

Thanksgiving (and other holiday’s) allow us to challenge ourselves — to challenge ourselves to just LET GO — and often times letting go is the hardest thing to do, I get it.

I get it — I’ve been there — and I’d be lying if I said that holiday meals still don’t bring up some old “ish” I gotta work through. But I tell you, the more I just let myself enjoy food, I realize that food will always be there and it’s the memories around the food like family & friends that are worth focusing on.

If you struggle – I recommend taking a nice deep breath before you fill up your plate and really tune into your meal. Savor the flavors that we all sometimes only get once a year like Grandma’s stuffing or your Dad’s amazing turkey & gravy.

One meal is just that — a meal.

You are more than a meal. You are an amazing human with authenticity to share & the more you just let yourself enjoy yourself..the more others around you will feed off that energy.

Feed off that energysee what I did there? ;]

Look at your food as a way of nourishing your body with proteins, fats, & carbs while also nourishing your mind from this truth of enjoyment.

Heather did an awesome YouTube video on this last week that you can see HERE. We are always here to support you & I promise that if you just give yourself permission to enjoy and actually let yourself do it — you will see that all of those fears and worries won’t be as strong as they started. 

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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