MirrorlessMonday, Happy Birthday, & Sneak Peek of New Recipe!

April 22, 2012 -
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Hi all! Winking smile So it’s Sunday, and we all know I love Sunday’s!

Today I did some food prep like always..
Lots of roasted veggies, spaghetti squash,
grass fed beef burgers, wild Alaskan salmon, & cut up some raw veggies!
doing this on Sunday’s makes the week go so much smoother!

After I’m done working for a few hours,
I’m headed to take one of my best friends to dinner for her birthday!

So I just wanted to dedicate this POST to her & say
to my best friend of 16 years, Kate!Red heart
We have been through so much in the last 16 years, & I don’t know what I would do without her.
We have one of those friendships where you don’t have to talk to on the phone every day,
but when you get a chance to catch up, it’s like you start right where you left off!
She also made me SO PROUD over Winter Break whenever she decided to let me be her “trainer” in the gym!
We created the “New Years Best Body Challenge”
because she just wanted to challenge herself & learn the basics of lifting, etc..
She really pushed herself over that month & was my motivation as well!

She was probably my first & only blog reader for the longest time!
She supported me so much in starting this whole thing & I can’t thank her enough!

There were times when I doubted myself and worried that I would be “judged”,
but she reassured me that this would be a positive thing and now look where I am! Winking smile

I owe her so much for that motivation!

So for today’s MIRRORLESS MONDAY, I’m proud of her.

She is one of the smartest girls I know.
I’ve always been super envious of her braniac abilities Winking smile
She graduated 5th in our class (out of about 450 students)
& has continued to work that hard throughout college to secure a job
half way through her senior year for after she graduates!

I honestly can’t say enough about her.
We have been through so much in the last years
but have always loved & supported each other in anything!

We always say “no judging” when we tell each other stories
because we truly believe that if you’re a best friend,
you don’t judge each other.
You accept each other for everything they are
& I love being able to say that about her.

She has seen me at my finest & my worst, that’s for sure.
But I know we will honestly continue to be best friends,
even though she’s moving this summer to be a big girl and work in another city!

(so bittersweet!)

Again, I can’t say enough about how proud me and my family are of her!

I’m proud of Kate, & how we will never judge each other.
We definitely accept each other for our true selves
& I think you are very lucky if you have that with a friend.

What are you proud of today?
& let me know!

ps. sneak peek into my NEW RECIPE this week…
hmmm, what could this be? Winking smile