March 12, 2012 -
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Hey all!
So lately my computer has been acting up
& I have soooo many thing I want to share with you all that
it’s super frustrating that it wasn’t working right all weekend!
I promise to update you all with things soon though! :]

I’ve got a bunch of recipes, updates, & stories I’ve been wanting to share!

Anyway, today is ..
& I’m not going to lie, with 2 weeks until my next competition
I’m starting to feel anxious.

I alwayssss get like this when the shows get closer!

I start to second guess what I’ve been doing…

Am I eating right?

Am I eating enough?

Am I eating too much?

Am I working out enough?

Am I working out too much?

Will I look good on stage?

Am I doing enough cardio?

Should I be doing 2-a-days?

Should I even do the show!?

These negative thoughts have all crossed my mind at one point.

Today was one of those days where I was just doubting myself.

I usually take Sunday’s as my rest day, but it was SO beautiful outside
that my mom and I decided to meet a friend to take a walk outside;

It was just what I needed!

a lot of talking; with a side of walking ;]

After having a good heart to heart with mama-powercakes
I reminded myself  to look in the mirror
and see what I’ve accomplished within the last year.

This helps me remember why I’m doing these competitions.

They are a GOAL of mine that I work towards.

They give me motivation.

I’ve always been a competitive person,
and most of the time I’m competitive with myself
when it comes to trying new exercises & working hard.

After I finally bring myself back to reality
and get rid of the negative thoughts;
I feel so much better and I’m looking so forward to the experience!

It really is such an adrenaline rush to get out there on stage.
I give major props to anyone who competes!

It’s not easy getting up in front of 1,000 people in an inch or two of fabric; trust me.

But once you take one step out onto the stage
(and pray to God that you don’t trip in your heels that are way too high & you totally pretend you can walk in)
It really is the best feeling to be able to show off your hard work!

So today:
I’m re-using a picture  that I used to be afraid to post
because I didn’t want to come off looking like a “meat head”
or whichever word comes to mind;

but I am proud of where I am
& I will be proud of where I will be in 2 weeks!

What are YOU proud of today!?